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    If not the most popular among other gaming industries, the Japanese industry has grown and impacted the world in different ways possible. A lot of people are fans of Japanese anime and cartoon video games from the early 60s till today. The amount of innovation the Japanese gaming industry has contributed to the world is unmeasurable. Starting from the time of Nintendo, Sega, Sony Computer Entertainment, Konami, and Capcom, they have boosted the world gaming system to another level. According to our expert Daniel Bennet here, the Japanese gaming industry has continued to dominate the world gaming system and will still continue as there are tons of promising futures for them ahead.

    Why are Japanese gamers so good?

    You don’t need to keep asking yourself why are Japanese gamers so good. Even though the Japanese were not the first to invent a video game, they have continued to embrace their recent developments and innovations in the gaming industry. You will be surprised to know that almost all the games you played today are from the Japanese gaming industry, whether it’s video games or slots-themed games for Canadian online casino. Today, the Japanese gaming industry is always at the top of the list whenever video games are mentioned. Japanese have gone further to modified the world gaming system to what it is today from ways such as:

    • The development of softwares and hardware for advanced playing experience.
    • Provided the overall gaming culture.

    If not the Japanese gaming industry, then who else. According to experts in video games, it’s the Japanese gaming industry that boosted the reputation of video games to what it is today.

    1. Software and Hardware

    The development of softwares and hardware to suit the compatibility of the world gaming system is based on the contribution of the Japanese. Nowadays, we make use of different varieties of console and game controls to boost our overall gaming experience. Before, gaming with the keyboard and mouse is basically hard for most gamers. But with the introduction of joystick controllers, it’s very easy to play different varieties of games perfectly.

    2. Gaming Culture

    It won’t be a surprise if you get to know that half of the video game storylines are from the Japanese. So, basically, it’s meant to be their gaming culture that makes up the world gaming system. Even if you find it hard to believe, taking a close look at the below list of popular games will clear your doubt about the Japanese industry owning the world video gaming culture.

    Here is the list of popular games that make use of the Japanese gaming culture:

    • Super Mario Bros
    • Pac Man
    • Space invaders
    • Pokemon
    • Final Fantasy
    • Legend of Zelda and others

    The above games are top games produced by Japanese designers to inspire games all around the world. So, if you are thinking about why Japan makes video games, you should understand that there won’t be video games without the Japanese gaming industry.

    Online Gambling Games

    There are tons of video games for entertainment, while others are mostly developed for online casinos and gambling purposes. The online gambling industry has boosted the development of video games to another level. Who wouldn’t want to place bets while playing their favorite video games? Video game industries have entered another level of improving the Japan gambling industry with addictive video games.

    Game development has always been the preference of the Japanese. Even the top trending game designers today are Japanese. With this innovation, online gambling in Japan has progressed to another level, as gamblers are presented with lots of games to play.


    The Japanese gaming industry has made an enormous contribution in bringing out different varieties of games for users all over the world. With their skills and amazing gaming culture, we Canadian players have tons of favorites to play every day.


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    The mainstream press has largely ignored Japanese tokusatsu (special effects) films, and when the genre has been covered by American news outlets and television the results were often inaccurate and condescending. On the other hand, there have been some excellent fan publications and websites devoted to these films, but Japanese studios have been extremely reluctant to deal with fan groups due to concerns over copyright infringement issues (some fans advocate and promote activities such as video bootlegging and unlicensed downloading). With no direct access to studio news and photos, fan reporting has often been forced to rely on secondhand info and rumors.

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