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    NEON GENESIS EVANGELION is a Japanese animated TV series that aired in the country between October 1995 and March 1996. It is currently on Netflix.

    Developed by Gainax, the show focuses on the organization NERV, employing huge mechas known as Evangelions to fight monstrous beings referred to as Angels.

    Several of the main characters pilot the Evangelions, including Asuka Sohryu, Shinji Ikari, and Rei Ayanami. The first episodes focus mainly on religious symbolism and references to the Bible. The later episodes veer from the course, though, exploring the characters’ psyches and revealing deep-rooted psychological and emotional issues that the characters struggle to handle.

    NEON GENESIS EVANGELION is now one of the most popular Anime series ever created. It is a great pastime besides your favorite slots game at 918kiss and will have you hooked into a complex, flowing storyline.

    Let’s explore some of the reasons many people love the series.


    While the original episodes look dated two decades later, the story remains as fresh as ever. Twenty years after its debut, you could expect the series to have suffered cut-rate imitations of the original, which would have ruined its uniqueness, but this is not the case.

    The plot remains fresh and unpredictable. The visual quality of the original 26 episodes show its age, and the art style still doesn’t look out of place in a fresh release.

    The Characters

    The characters of NEON GENESIS EVANGELION are well-developed and play off each other in an interesting way. They don’t do anything that undermines the circumstance or the plot.

    Every action the characters take is driven by motivations that are traceable from their origin and characterization making for a consistent story.

    The Action

    Even though the series tend to focus on drama, it is not without action. The battles between the Evangelions and the Angels are fast-paced and thrilling, often appearing as if it is happening on a colossal scale, with the leveling of city towers, stomping on small buildings, and the creation of huge craters whenever a fighter suffers a messy landing.

    The striking firepower that NERV deploys during an Angel attack includes helicopters and massive artillery guns, which deliver gratifying, adrenaline-pumping action.

    Iconic Soundtrack

    Shiro Sagisu’s work on NEON GENESIS EVANGELION won the 1997 Kobe Animation award for Best Music Score, too. Ranging from the tense, rhythmic sound of a guitar in the battle scenes to soft piano-based melodies in the quiet moments, the soundtrack takes its sweet time to get under your skin.

    Then, it becomes inseparable from the rest of the show.

    It’s worth noting that the soundtrack alone has sold at least nine million copies to date.

    Brilliant Directing

    Hideaki Anno is one of the most refined directors in the industry. He invests plenty of deliberation, artistry, and skill in his work.

    The lines of tanks that greet the first angel in episode one, followed by the excessive use of explosives that the military deploys on the creature, set the bar right away.

    Then, the show goes ahead to prove its versatility, delivering not only awesome fight scenes but also rib-cracking comedy bits, romance, horrifying imagery, and heated agreements between characters.

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