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    Anime Gets Religious in THE MYSTICAL LAWS

    Source: Nikkatsu, IRH Press Official Movie Site: (Japan), (International)

    THE MYSTICAL LAWS (????, Shinpi no Hoo, 2012) is an odd new anime feature film conceived by religious leader Ryuho Okawa to promote the teachings and philosophies of his controversial Happy Science organization. Following close on the heels of the live action film THE FINAL JUDGEMENT (?????????????, Fuuinaru Jajjimento, 2012), THE MYSTICAL LAWS is Ozawa`s second movie prophesying a near future Japan under siege from foreign invaders. Released in Japan by Nikkatsu, THE MYSTICAL LAWS was given a limited US theatrical run last November by distributor Eleven Arts in a failed bid to qualify for a 2013 "Best Animated Feature" Oscar nomination. Official Plot Description Year 202X. A military and economic superpower of Asia is rocked by coup. Tathagata Killer, a man from the military division, has assumed the position of emperor and established the Godom Empire. The U.S., a former superpower, has now lost its power, and the United Nations is also helpless against this new threat of the world. The beautiful Leika Chan, CEO of a mysterious trading company, supplies Godom Empire with a highly-advanced unknown technology obtained from another planet 1,000 years more advanced in science. Sho Shishimaru is a member of an international secret society, “Hermes Wings.” He possesses the power to foresee the future and finds out that Godom Empire will soon invade Japan and occupy it following Nantai. One day, Sho is attacked by the military of Godom Empire but is saved by a mysterious group of Indian monks. The monks tell Sho that according to the holy scriptures they discovered at an ancient site in India, Buddha will be reborn, and that Sho himself is the reincarnation of Buddha. Hiding in his secret base deep in the mountains, Sho has a series of spiritual experiences. Then a UFO appears and takes him to see Leika Chan in Godom Empire. Behind the military and political crises in the world, there is a fight between gods and devils. What is more, beings from another planet are also attempting to invade Earth. In the midst of battle for the future of humankind, the mystical laws that govern this world are revealed. Credits

    Release Date: October 6th, 2012 Running Time: 119 minutes Cast Sho Shishimaru: Takehito Koyasu Leika/Theta Chan: Ayumi Fujimura Tathagata Killer: Daisuke Hirakawa Utica: Shinichiro Miki Theta`s Father: Banjo Ginga Satsuki Yukino Staff Director: Isamu Imakake Original Story: Ryuho Okawa Screenplay: The Mystical Laws Scenario Project Executive Producer: Ryuho Okawa Producers: Zuisho Motochikawa, Koji Matsumoto VFX Creative Director: Yumiko Awaya Art Director: Masaaki Kawaguchi Composer: Yuichi Mizusawa Production: Happy Science Production Company: IRH Press Production Studio: `The Mystical Laws` Studio Distributor: Nikkatsu

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