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    Aniplex of America Acquires PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION and Launches Official U.S. Site

    Based on the smash hit JRPG series, PERSONA5 the Animation premieres April 2018 Source: Aniplex of America press release Official Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Aiko Makino

    Image courtesy of Aniplex of America. © ATLUS © SEGA/ PERSONA5 the Animation Project

    Aniplex of America launched the official U.S. website and announced the acquisition of PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION (????5???, Perusona 5 Anime), the highly-anticipated anime adaptation of the best-selling JRPG series by game developer, ATLUS. The Aniplex of America YouTube page also released an English subtitled trailer giving fans a sneak peek into what to expect this spring season. Following the release of the anime OVA PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION –THE DAY BREAKERS–, which coincided with the Persona 5 game’s release, fans will now get to enjoy a full length TV series detailing the adventures of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Key creators of the original game reunite for the highly anticipated series, including sound composer Shoji Meguro providing the stylized and jazz-themed soundtrack, Katsura Hashino credited for the Original Concept, and ATLUS’s own Shigenori Soejima providing the series’ Original Character Design. Critically acclaimed animation studio A-1 Pictures (SWORD ART ONLINE, BLUE EXORCIST) will produce the series with Director Masashi Ishihama (ERASED, YOUR LIE IN APRIL) bringing the game to the TV screen. The series is scheduled to premiere April 2018 with more information to follow on the official website address and official Facebook page at Set in modern Tokyo, PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION chronicles the adventures of an eclectic team of teenagers calling themselves the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts.” The group dive into a world deep in the corrupt hearts of adults, where demons have taken hold of their victims and cause havoc in the real world. As the group navigate each case, they attempt to reform the hearts of corrupt adults by stealing the source of their distorted desires, thus explaining their group’s namesake. This new anime adaptation based on Persona 5 will star the original voice cast from the game, including Jun Fukuyama (DURARARA!!, BLUE EXORCIST, WAGNARIA!!) as protagonist Ren Amamiya, Mamoru Miyano (FULL METAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD, DURARARA!!, VALVRAVE THE LIBERATOR) as Ryuji Sakamoto, Nana Mizuki (BLAST OF TEMPEST, VALVRAVE THE LIBERATOR, WWW.WAGNARIA!!) as Ann Takamaki, Ikue Otani as Morgana, and Tomokazu Sugita (The irregular at magic high school, THE ASTERISK WAR, MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION) as Yusuke Kitagawa. The series has also revealed a sequence of key visuals featuring member of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts including Ren Amamiya, Ann Takamaki, Ryuji Sakamoto, and the feline member of the team, Morgana. The game’s story and gameplay have received countless awards, including winning "Best RPG" and even receiving a nomination for Game of the Year 2017 at the Global Game Awards 2017. The stylish, high paced Persona 5 has distributed over 2 million copies worldwide and captured RPG and anime fans across the globe, surpassing the previous installations of the series to become the highest selling game in the franchise. About PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION Ren Amamiya is about to enter his second year after transferring to Shujin Academy in Tokyo. Following a particular incident, his Persona awakens, and together with his friends they form the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts” to reform hearts of corrupt adults by stealing the source of their distorted desires. Meanwhile, bizarre and inexplicable crimes have been popping up one after another... Living an ordinary high school life in Tokyo during the day, the group maneuvers the metropolitan city as Phantom Thieves after hours. Let the curtain rise for this grand, picaresque story! For details on PERSONA5 THE ANIMATION, go to or follow the official Facebook at Credits STAFF Original Work: "Persona 5" (ATLUS) Original Concept: Katsura Hashino Original Character Design: Shigenori Soejima Original Demon Design: Kazuma Kaneko Director: Masashi Ishihama Series Composition: Shinichi Inotsume Character Design: Tomomi Ishikawa Sound Composer: Shoji Meguro Animation Production: A-1 Pictures CAST Ren Amamiya: Jun Fukuyama Ryuji Sakamoto: Mamoru Miyano Ann Takamaki: Nana Mizuki Morgana: Ikue Otani Yusuke Kitagawa: Tomokazu Sugita Makoto Niijima: Rina Satoh Futaba Sakura: Aoi Yuki Haru Okumura: Haruka Tomatsu Goro Akechi: Soichiro Hoshi

    About Aniplex of America Inc.

    Aniplex of America Inc. (Santa Monica, California) is a subsidiary of Aniplex Inc. (headquartered in Tokyo, Japan), a group of Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and a leading provider of anime content and music production and distribution in Japan. Aniplex of America has launched fan-favorite Blu-ray and DVD releases including FATE/STAY NIGHT [UNLIMITED BLADE WORKS], FATE/ZERO, the SWORD ART ONLINE series, YOUR LIE IN APRIL, KILL LA KILL, BAKEMONOGATARI, PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA, BLUE EXORCIST, NISEKOI, the OREIMO series, DURARARA!!×2, MAGI series, EXPELLED FROM PARADISE, The irregular at magic high school, and ALDNOAH.ZERO. The company`s ever-growing line-up of shows include: MARCH COMES IN LIKE A LION, BLUE EXORCIST: KYOTO SAGA, ERASED, THE ASTERISK WAR, OWARIMONOGATARI, KIZUMONOGATARI, CHARLOTTE, OCCULTIC;NINE, WWW.WAGNARIA!!, GRANBLUE FANTASY, EROMANGA SENSEI, KATSUGEKI TOUKEN RANBU, BLEND-S, SLOW START and RECORD OF GRANCREST WAR. In June 2017, the company launched the English version of mobile game, FATE/GRAND ORDER, which quickly exceeded one million downloads.

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