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    Critically Acclaimed EVANGELION:3.0+1.11 THRICE UPON A TIME Available as 4K Collector's Edition, Blu-ray and Digital Download Starting October 3

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    Collector’s Edition 4K UHD and Standard Edition Blu-ray Disc Available October 17, 2023; Digital Download to Own Available October 3, 2023
    Source: Shout! Factory press release, GKIDS
    Official Site: (Japan)
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    GKIDS, celebrating its 15th anniversary as producer and distributor of award-winning and artist-driven animation from around the world, with home entertainment distribution from Shout! Studios, announced it will issue the critically acclaimed fourth and final installment of the new theatrical “Rebuild” editions of the EVANGELION franchise in an expansive 4K UHD Collector’s Edition Set, Standard Edition Blu-ray; and as a digital download-to-own. To celebrate the acclaimed feature’s home entertainment release, GKIDS will be bringing the feature back to cinemas in select markets this fall. 

    EVANGELION:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME (シン・エヴァンゲリオン劇場版𝄇, Shin Evangerion Gekijōban) was released in Japanese theatres in 2021, where it was a critical and box office success, becoming the highest grossing film of the year with ¥10.28 billion (~85 million) in local box office.

    The film is also part of "Shin Japan Heroes Universe" (シン・ジャパン・ヒーローズ・ユニバース, Shin Japan Hīrōzu Yunibāsu), a partnership between Toho, Khara, Tsuburaya Productions, and Toei to create a dream collaboration between four of Japan's most famous "heroes" in various marketing and merchandising campaigns. The other movies in this project are SHIN GODZILLA (シン・ゴジラ, Shin Gojira, 2016), SHIN ULTRAMAN (シン・ウルトラマン, Shin Urutoraman, 2022) and SHIN KAMEN RIDER (シン・仮面ライダー, Shin Kamen Raidā, 2023).

    Created by Hideaki Anno, the NEON GENESIS EVANGELION franchise is considered one of the most influential animated sagas of all time. Since the 1995 premiere of the original television series, the story of teenager Shinji Ikari has remained one of the most iconic titles in animation history, and a global pop culture phenomenon. 

    Following the conclusion of the beloved 1995 television show, the legendary project received new life as the EVANGELION movie series. The theatrical film series began with EVANGELION:1.11 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE.(2007), followed by EVANGELION:2.22 YOU CAN (NOT) ADVANCE. (2009), EVANGELION:3.33 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO. (2012), and culminating in the finale EVANGELION:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME.

    Contents of the Collector's Edition. Photo courtesy of GKIDS. © khara / Project Eva. © khara / EVA Production Committee © khara

    GKIDS previously released the original twenty-six episode television series, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, as well as the films EVANGELION:DEATH (TRUE)2 and THE END OF EVANGELION on Blu-ray and digital download-to-own for the first time in North America. Last year, GKIDS released EVANGELION:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME in U.S. theaters nationwide.

    The 4K UHD Collector’s Edition of EVANGELION:3.0+1.11 THRICE UPON A TIME is a three-disc set that includes one 4K UHD disc featuring the film, a Blu-ray of the feature film, and a disc of brand-new bonus features encased in a rigid box case. Featuring both the original Japanese language version and an English dub, the set includes a 28-page book, art cards, and a poster, as well as bonus features including EVANGELION:3.0 (-46h), EVANGELION:3.0 (-120min.), character promotion reels, stage greeting, trailers, and more!

    The Standard Blu-ray Edition of EVANGELION:3.0+1.11 THRICE UPON A TIME is a two-disc set that includes both the film and a disc of brand-new bonus features, including EVANGELION:3.0 (-46h), EVANGELION:3.0 (-120min.), character promotion reels, stage greeting, trailers, and more! This edition includes both the original Japanese language version and an English dub. 

     The Digital Download to own edition of EVANGELION:3.0+1.01 THRICE UPON A TIME will be available in both original Japanese language version and an English dub.



    Misato and her anti-NERV group Wille arrive at Paris, a city now red from core-ization. Crew from the flagship Wunder land on a containment tower. They only have 720 seconds to restore the city. When a horde of NERV Evas appear, Mari's improved Eva Unit 8 must intercept. Meanwhile, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei (Provisional Name) wander about Japan.


    EVANGELION:3.0+1.11 THRICE UPON A TIME Collector's Edition

    Price: $79.98
    Release Date: October 17, 2023
    Region: A/1
    Rating: NR
    Video: 1080p High-Definition, 4K UHD
    Feature Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
    Audio:  English, Japanese in DTS-HD MA 5.1 
    Subtitles:  English, Spanish, French, English SDH
     Bonus Features:
    • Booklet
    • Art Cards
    • EVANGELION:3.0(-46h)
    • EVANGELION:3.0(-120min.)
    • Rebuild of EVANGELION:3.0+1.11
    • [Current EVANGELION]
    • Message for Kinro
    • Message for ANN
    • Stage Greetings
    • Promotional Reels
    • Trailers & TV Spots


    EVANGELION:3.0+1.11 THRICE UPON A TIME Standard Edition

    Price: $29.98
    Release Date: October 17, 2023
    Region: A/1
    Rating: NR
    Video: 1080p High-Definition,
    Feature Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
    Audio:  Japanese DTS-HD MA 5.1, English DTS-HD MA 5.1
    Subtitles:  English, English SDH, French, Spanish
      Bonus Features:
    • EVANGELION:3.0(-46h)
    • EVANGELION:3.0(-120min.)
    • Character Promotion Reels
    • Stage Greetings
    • Trailers
    • and More!


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