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    Doraemon in Roppongi -- Monuments Series 2

    Author: Daisuke Ishizuka The annual “TV Asahi Summer Festival” has started on Jul. 13th and Doraemon monuments have returned to Roppongi, Tokyo. Full-scale size Doraemon statues are displayed there during the event season. In 2019, 20 types of Doraemon gathered at the 66 Plaza area, each wearing one of his magical items and with a dinosaur egg on their heads. The dinosaur eggs are for the promotion of the upcoming movie “Doraemon, Nobita no Shin-Kyoryu" (DORAEMON: NOBITA`S NEW DINOSAUR) which will be screened in March 2020. The Doraemon theatrical movies started from 1980 and the coming one will be the 40th anniversary film. You should look carefully after leaving 66 Plaza and in several places you will be able to see the traditional types of Doraemon instead of special movie versions. The event runs until August 25th.
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