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    EUREKA SEVEN HI-EVOLUTION 1 Coming to Select US Theaters

    Renton Returns For A Trilogy! Source: Showgate Inc., Funimation Films Official Site: (Japan), (US) Special Thanks to Scott Barretto The hit mecha anime EUREKA SEVEN (???????????, Kookyooshihen Eureka Sebun, 2005) is returning for the first movie in a high-flying trilogy! Funimation Films presents EUREKA SEVEN HI-EVOLUTION 1 (???????????????????????1, Kookyooshihen Eureka Sebun Hai Eboryuushon 1), featuring 30 minutes of never before seen footage, in select theaters across the United States this February. Relive the most epic moments of the series in theatrical surround sound like never before. Plus, see the parts of the story left untold, starting when Renton`s father disappeared. Don`t miss this limited theatrical release, screening subbed or dubbed February 5th and 7th. For theaters and showtimes visit


    Ride the trapars and take to the skies once more! It all begins with the story that was left untold -- the earth-shattering incident where Renton’s father disappeared. With the mysterious pilot Eureka by his side, only Adroc Thurston could undo his own mistake, sparking the event that changed everything and earned him the title of a hero. Now, ten years later, Eureka lies in critical condition as Renton leaves the crew of the Gekko. But when he finds himself in the care of his father’s old friends, he has a choice to make. Either stay with the loving family he’s always wanted, or earn the love he seeks.


    Japanese Theatrical Release: September 16, 2017 US Theatrical Release: February 5, 2018 (Subtitled), February 7, 2018 (Dubbed) Runtime: 93 Minutes Japanese Cast Eureka: Kaori Nazuka Renton Thurston: Yuko Sanpei Ray: Aya Hisakawa Charles Beams: Jurota Kosugi Holland Novak: Toshiyuki Morikawa Talho Yuuki: Michiko Neya Adroc Thurston: Toru Furuya Dewey Novak: Koji Tsujitani Blair: Mugihito Uno: Masanori Takeda Kuzemi: Hiroshi Iwasaki Coda: Mariko Akashi English Cast Eureka: Stephanie Sheh Renton Thurston: Johnny Yong Bosch Ray: Melissa Fahn Charles Beams: Patrick Seitz Holland Novak: Crispin Freeman Talho Yuuki: Kate Higgins Adroc Thurston: Fred Tatasciore Dewey Novak: Kim Strauss Mitch: Max Lawrence Milton: Imari Williams Sam: Chris Tergliafera Blair: Michael Forest Uno: Bill Rogers Kuzemi: William Knight Coda: Barbara Goodson Japanese Crew General Director: Tomoki Kyoda Script: Dai Sato Character Design: Kenichi Yoshida Original Story: BONES Director: Hisatoshi Shimizu Main Mechanical Design: Shoji Kawamori Conceptual Design: Kazutaka Miyatake Design Works: Shingo Takeba, Masatsugu Saito, Yutaka Izubuchi, Shigeto Koyama, Takayuki Yanase, Eiji Nakada Director of Character Animation (Summer of Love Part): Shigeru Fujita Director of Character Animation: Ayumi Kurashima Special Effects Director: Yasushi Muraki Director of Mechanical Animation: Shingo Abe Main Animators: Hideki Kakita, Shuichi Kaneko, Ken Otsuka, Kenta Yokoya, Nobuaki Nagano, Shiori Kudo Art Director: Kazuo Nagai Art Director Assistant: Yushi Honjo Color Setting: Nobuko Mizuta Editor: Kumiko Sakamoto Sound Director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi Insert Songs: Hardfloor, Hiroshi Watanabe Theme Song: “Glory Days” performed by Hiroya Ozaki (TOY’S FACTORY) English Crew ADR Director: Jonathan Klein Lead ADR Engineer: Derek Jones ADR Script Writer: Deborah Crane Mix Engineer: Gino Palencia Animation Production Studio: BONES Produced by: Bandai Visual, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures Inc., BONES, MBS Distributor: Showgate (Japan), Funimation (North America) © 2017 BONES/Project EUREKA MOVIE

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    Funimation Films, the theatrical division of Funimation, acquires and distributes both anime and live action movies from prominent international filmmakers that appeal to the interests and passion of all types of fans throughout North America. The division was launched in December 2014 following the box office success of DRAGON BALL Z: BATTLE OF GODS earlier that year. Its debut release, DRAGON BALL Z: RESURRECTION `F`, was an instant blockbuster and became the #9 highest-grossing anime movie of all time in North America. Funimation Films has gone on to release numerous films including SHIN GODZILLA and the award-winning, critically acclaimed YOUR NAME. Funimation, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Television, is a fully integrated, next-generation entertainment studio based in the Dallas/Fort Worth. For more information on Funimation Films, visit

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    Established in 1990, Showgate Inc. (aka Hakuhodo DY music & pictures Inc.) develops, produces and distributes a wide range of film and animation titles. They also handle worldwide sales of Japanese features and animation.
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