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    FanimeCon Announces Brand New Steampunk Addition

    New Addition to Anime Convention in San Jose, CA Source: FanimeCon press release Official Site: Special Thanks to Milton Le FanimeCon, in partnership with the Steam Federation, is proud to announce Clockwork Alchemy! This new additional convention for steampunk fans will be held during Memorial Day weekend, May 25th–28th, 2012, the same weekend as FanimeCon. A single membership will grant access to both FanimeCon in the San Jose Convention Center area and Clockwork Alchemy in the DoubleTree Hotel. Clockwork Alchemy is a creative exploration of the world of steampunk, a fantastical past that never was but should have been. Steampunk is a world of incredible machines, daring heroes, bold inventors, mad scientists, and adventure at every turn, all set in a time when steam powered the world and the possibilities were endless! The DoubleTree Hotel will host Clockwork Alchemy’s steampunk events: Experience the incredible Dirigible Races. Be amazed by displays of martial prowess. See the astonishing creations of artists, makers, inventors, builders and tailors as they display their works. Trip the light fantastic at our Gala Ball, be delighted by the sounds of talented musicians, and meet noted creative minds in the steampunk genre. Find once again the wonder and enchantment that you thought you`d lost when you were a child. Be transported to a time and place where, instead of being told, “No, you can’t,” you`ll ask, “How hard can it be?” At Clockwork Alchemy you`ll be a part of the exciting steampunk movement. Come let it surprise and delight you. Discover more information about Clockwork Alchemy at To register for the combined FanimeCon and Clockwork Alchemy membership, or to learn more about FanimeCon, please visit
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