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    FanimeCon Returns to San Jose, May 27-30

    Four Days of Japanese Anime and Pop Culture in San Jose this Memorial Day Weekend Source: FanimeCon press releases Official Site: Special Thanks to Milton Le FanimeCon is Northern California’s largest anime convention. Packed with videos, costumes, music, games, parties, tournaments, panels, and guests from around the world, this annual celebration of Japanese art and popular culture entertains a colorful spectrum of fans and friends. Over 16,000 enthusiasts joined FanimeCon 2010, and FanimeCon will return to the San Jose McEnery Convention Center (150 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, CA 95113) during Memorial Day weekend, May 27-30, 2011.

    Guests of Honor

    Yuya Matsushita Please join FanimeCon in welcoming Yuya Matsushita for his first ever performance outside of Japan! Born in Kobe, Japan, Yuya Matsushita debuted as a singer in 2008 with “foolish, foolish”. Other songs include hits such as “Last Snow”, “Negai ga Kanau nara”, “You”, and “I am Me”. The movie KANASHII BOYFRIEND used Mr. Matsushita’s song “Mr. ‘Broken Heart’” as its theme, and it also marked Mr. Matsushita’s debut as an actor. More recently, Mr. Matsushita has been starring in the TBS TV drama QUARTET which also uses his song, “Paradise”.
    Ryusuke Hamamoto Manga artist Ryusuke Hamamoto will hold panels and an autograph session at FanimeCon 2011. Mr. Hamamoto is known for his Petit Eva series, which is based on NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, the preeminent anime by Gainax. His adorable character designs are used in many other works as well. Outside of Japan, he was one of the twelve artists featured in the book Comic Artists – Asia, and he was the artist for an American comic called Compass.
    FLOW Originally formed in 1993 by TAKE (guitarist) and his older brother KOHSHI (vocalist), the band was named FLOW in 1998 and quickly evolved into its current line-up in 2000 after GOT’S (bassist), KEIGO (vocalist), and IWASAKI (drummer) joined the original two. After their indie debut in 2001, FLOW went on to release their first major album “SPLASH!!!”. They later released “GO!!!”, which eventually became the opening song for NARUTO. FLOW’s West Coast punk sound defines numerous anime shows, including international favorites NARUTO and EUREKA SEVEN. While catchy melodies leave plenty of hooks in listeners’ heads, the band’s empowering lyrics perfectly complement anime messages of moving forward and seizing moments. FLOW’s new album, FLOW ANIME BEST, collects ten of their best songs and more, creating a denser experience than plain “Best of” albums. The tunes are familiar not just as chart-topping hits, but also for the power and emotion of their television tie-ins. The album releases May 10, 2011.
    Seiji Mizushima Renowned anime director Seiji Mizushima has been in the anime industry for over 20 years. He directed popular titles such as SLAYERS NEXT, SHAMAN KING, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00, the FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST movie, and Gainax’s HANAMARU KINDERGARTEN. Mr. Mizushima is eager to meet with his fans, and he will share his considerable experience with directing and the anime industry during his panels at FanimeCon 2011.
    Takahiro Yoshimatsu Talented animation director and character designer Takahiro Yoshimatsu will give panels, sign autographs, and interact with his fans at FanimeCon 2011. Mr. Yoshimatsu has worked as animation director and character designer in numerous hit anime, including BASQUASH!, FUTURE GPX CYBER FORMULA, JUBEI-CHAN, NINJA SCROLL, SLAYERS, TRIGUN, and VAMPIRE HUNTER D. He recently designed the characters for the SUPERNATURAL anime series, which is based on the live-action American TV series of the same name. Mr. Yoshimatsu also publishes manga under the pen name “Something Yoshimatsu.”
    Tohru Furuya Many avid anime fans have spent hundreds of hours listening to the voice of Tohru Furuya. He has played many major characters from vastly prolific anime, including Amuro Ray from MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM, Pegasus Seiya from SAINT SEIYA, Yamcha from DRAGON BALL, Tuxedo Mask from SAILOR MOON, and Kyosuke Kasuga from KIMAGURE ORANGE ROAD. Mr. Furuya has also performed in radio shows, TV shows, and movies.
    GASHICON GASHICON will host a hANGRY&ANGRY fashion show on Saturday, May 28. She will also give style tips and help fans coordinate outfits at the hANGRY&ANGRY clothing booth in the FanimeCon Dealers Hall.
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