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    Full Scale GUNDAM Stands Tall in Odaiba

    Author: Daisuke Ishizuka Official Site: (Japan), (US) The anime TV series MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM (????????, Kidoo Senshi Gundamu) started in 1979 and various GUNDAM shows and movies have been produced up to the present. The latest TV series -- MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE (????????AGE, Kidoo Senshi Gundamu AGE) -- is now on the air in Japan and the seven episode OAV (original animation video) MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UC (UNICORN) (????????UC(?????), Kidoo Senshi Gundamu Yunikoo) also continues on DVD. To celebrate the franchise`s 30th anniversary in 2009, a full scale statue of the first Gundam was raised at Odaiba, the man-made island in Tokyo Bay. It was very popular event. But the Gundam was taken down at the end of that summer and moved to Shizuoka the next year. For a limited time it stood outside the Bandai GUNDAM plastic model (called "Gunpla") plant in Shizuoka. The statue returned to Odaiba in 2011, but was displayed as unassembled pieces. While fans enjoyed seeing the parts of Gundam, we wanted the return of the full figure. This summer, the full scale first Gundam was finally reassembled in Odaiba. It once again stands as a cool and artistic spectacle. The popular attraction also performs... the Gundam moves his head and sprays mist from his chest and back, six times a day. The Diver City Tokyo Plaza standing behind the full scale first Gundam houses the GUNDAM original goods shop and GUNDAM café. Furthermore, a GUNPLA gallery was opened to coincide with the return of the statue. The hot summer returns with GUNDAM in Tokyo.
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