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    Leiji Matsumoto Characters in Kokura -- Monuments Series 1

    Photo courtesy of Daisuke Ishizuka. © Leiji Matsumoto

    Author: Daisuke Ishizuka Leiji Matsumoto (he uses “L” instead of “R” in his English spelling) is the manga artist who is well known as the author of Captain Harlock, Galaxy Express 999, Space Battle Ship Yamato, etc. His works have been adapted as popular TV animation series and theatrical animation movies. Matsumoto was born in Kurume-city, Fukuoka prefecture and lived in Kokura-city in Fukuoka in his youth. Locals and visitors can see many of his characters at the Kokura area. Full-scale size bronze statues of Captain Harlock, Maetel with Tetsuo from Galaxy Express 999 greet guests at the Kokura station. The Kitakyushu Manga Museum opened near Kokura station in 2014 and he was inaugurated the honorary curator of the museum. The bronze statues were set there at the timing of opening the museum. There is another full-scale monument to Captain Harlock inside the museum. I am crossing my fingers that my favorite of Matsumoto`s characters, Queen Emeraldas, joins the others in the near future.

    Sit back and relax with Galaxy Express 999`s Maetel and Tetsuo. Photo courtesy of Daisuke Ishizuka. © Leiji Matsumoto

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