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    Madman Asks You to Pick the Top 20 Anime of All Time

    Voting Now Open! Source: Madman Entertainment press release Official Site: Special Thanks to Ben Pollock The Australian film and television distributor Madman Entertainment is inviting anime fans across the world to take part in an unprecedented online voting event -- to give the voice to the people and determine, once and for all, the ‘Top 20 Anime’ titles of all time! For the next month, Madman will play host to the voting competition -- which features 100 anime titles from the Madman catalogue, spanning decades of pedigree, popularity and performance -- and includes the likes of AKIRA, EVANGELION, ASTRO BOY, DRAGON BALL Z and many more. There is also a ‘wild card’ entry for fans who feel strongly about something not included in the initial list of titles. When polling closes on April 5th, a countdown will begin, revealing a new anime each day until the coveted number one spot is revealed. Voting is simple and effortlessly integrated with Facebook. Madman will be giving away daily spot prizes for voters’ comments, and on day 20 of the countdown, one lucky voter will win all 20 titles from the final list. The voting competition is now live at

    About Madman

    Madman is a leading independent film and television distribution and rights management company, with offices in Australia and New Zealand. Madman is renowned for its commitment to quality Australian and foreign film, factual content, as well as highly collectable categories such as Japanese anime, genre film, animation and cult television. Madman`s capabilities encompass end to end acquisition, marketing, creative, sales and distribution in all mediums and formats, from the silver screen to the digital realm. Madman is also a proud producer of Australian film and television content. Put simply, Madman is mad for entertainment. Madman is owned by Funtastic Limited, one of Australia`s largest wholesalers of consumer products into retail outlets and an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed company.
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