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    Nijigen no Mori "NARUTO&BORUTO Shinobi-Zato" Summer Event: “Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!” Begins July 22

    Midsummer Water Festival “Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Technique” will run from Saturday, July 22 to Sunday, September 3 at Nijigen no Mori!
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    Get soaking wet at "NARUTO&BORUTO Shinobi-Zato"(NARUTO&BORUTO 忍里) in this summer-only event that guarantees fun for the whole family! The Midsummer Water Technique Festival “Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Technique” (水遁・水龍弾の術!, Mizu 遁 ‧ Mizu Ryūdan no Jutsu!) will run for a limited period only from Saturday, July 22 to Sunday, September 3.

    During this event, participants will gather in the designated area in front of Hokage Rock and receive a lecture from one of our jonin staff members about the hand seals needed to activate the Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet technique. When the participants successfully perform the seals and chant the technique’s name, a jet of 70 liters of water will be sprayed high into the air! Seeing this exciting ninja technique work right before your eyes is sure to make you feel like a real ninja. So sharpen up your techniques and get ready to make a big splash at Shinobi-Zato this summer!

    ■ Summary: Midsummer Water Technique Festival “Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet Technique!”

    Dates: From Saturday, July 22 to Sunday, September 3
    Time: 15:00~16:00 ※Please book at reception on the day of your visit.
    Fee: Free of charge ※Not including admission fee.
    Important notes:
    ・There are no changing rooms within the facility.
    ・Water may spray outside of the designated event area.



    About Nijigen no Mori

    Nijigen no Mori is a Japanese anime theme park located in Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture. Limited edition merchandise for popular attractions such as "Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park," "NARUTO & BORUTO Shin-chan," and "Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji" are now available for purchase at the park and the official online shop.

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