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    ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE Limited North American Theatrical Release Begins October 24

    Image courtesy of Toei. © Eiichiro Oda/2019 “One Piece” Production Committee

    Screenings To Include Both Subtitled and English Dub Versions
    Source: Funimation Entertainment press release
    Official Site: (Japan), (US)
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    North American key art. Image courtesy of Funimation. © Eiichiro Oda/2019 “One Piece” Production Committee

    On October 24, anime’s favorite pirates return to the big screen to plunder North American audiences with a special 20th Anniversary feature film — ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE (ワンピーススタンピード, Wan Pīsu Sutanpīdo, 2019) — opening in 1,000 theater locations across the U.S. and Canada. Having grossed more than $48M USD at the box office in Japan, ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE is now the most successful film ever for the global hit ONE PIECE franchise. And with strong advance ticket sales, ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE is expected to smash North American box office records for the franchise.


    ONE PIECE: STAMPEDE is a stand-alone film that celebrates the anime’s 20th Anniversary and takes place outside the canon of the ONE PIECE TV series. Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat pirate crew are invited to a massive Pirate Festival that brings many of the most iconic characters from throughout the franchise to participate in competition with the Straw Hats to find Roger’s treasure. It also pits the Straw Hats against a new enemy named Bullet, a former member of Roger’s crew.

    Limited North American Theatrical Release Details

    U.S.: Oct 24, 29 & 31 (Subtitled); October 26 & 30 (English Dub)
    Canada: Oct 25 & Nov 5 (Subtitled); Oct 28 & Nov 8 (English Dub)

    Theater Locator:

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