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    RAGNA CRIMSON Premieres With 1 Hour Special on September 30

    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project

    Source: King Records press release
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    Special Thanks to Scott Barretto (AMCN Entertainment Group)

     Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson ProjectIt was announced that the first episode of RAGNA CRIMSON (ラグナクリムゾン, Raguna Kurimuzon) will be a one-hour special on 9/30/2023. The popular manga turned anime tells the story of an ultimate battle of humans against dragons, the “absolute strongest beings” that conquer the world with its mighty powers. Along with a new key visual and the latest promotion video, the names of actors Junichi Suwabe, Fairouz Ai, Mamiko Noto, and Hiroki Touchi were announced as additional cast members.

    Ragna Crimson, created by Daiki Kobayashi (serialized on Square Enix’s Monthly Gangan Joker magazine), follows the journey of a boy named Ragna, a young “dragon hunter.” He uses a silver sword to hunt dragons for money. The title is an ultra-tough, ultimate isekai battle story at an unprecedented scale with powerful action sequences. Since the anime was announced, this title has garnered a lot of attention both domestically and internationally.

    The newly released key visual shows the protagonists Ragna and Crimson in front with powerful rivals Ultimatia and Woltekamui looming in the back. The visual has a strong dark fantasy taste with characters that seem seconds before zooming into battle.

    Woltekamui, one of the stronger enemies voiced by Junichi Suwabe, and other dragons are shown more in detail in the new promotion video, along with the slime voiced by Fairouz Ai. This PV, with its freshly released opening theme “ROAR” by ulma sound junction, is from a must-see title from the season starting in October.

    There will also be a premiere screening and a talk show by the cast at Shinjuku Piccadilly, a theater in Tokyo, on Saturday 9/2. The full one-hour episode will be shown, followed by a talk show including Chiaki Kobayashi, who plays Ragna, and Ayumu Murase, who plays Crimson. The event is an opportunity to enjoy the long-awaited first episode before anybody else, and hear some happenings at the voice recordings. Pre-orders have started on Lawson Ticket, so be sure to get your ticket to visit the theater.

    With the new key visual, mind-blowing action, and a powerful storyline, RAGNA CRIMSON is definitely one of the top-ranking titles of this Fall. Don’t forget to come back for more information of this amazing title.


    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project


         TOKYO MX, BS11: 25:00 09/30/2023 (JST) **First episode will be a one-hour special**




         Daiki Kobayashi (Serialized in monthly “Gangan JOKER,” Square Enix)



         Director: Ken Takahashi

         Character Design: Shimpei Aoki

         Scriptwriter: Deko Akao

         Art Direction: Asuka Komiyama (Cosmo Project)

         Color Design: Taeko Mizuno (Studio Road)

         Director of Photography: Atsushi Sato (studio shamrock)

         3D Director: Makoto Endo (Tri-Slash)

         Editor: Kentaro Tsubone (REAL-T)

         Sound Director: Fumiyuki Go

         Music: Koji Fujimoto (Sus4 Inc.) / Osamu Sasaki

         Animation Production: SILVER LINK.



         Ragna: Chiaki Kobayashi

         Crimson: Ayumu Murase

         Leonica: Inori Minase

         Ultimatia: Reina Ueda

         Grymwelte: Takehito Koyasu

         Disas Trois: Shunsuke Takeuchi

         Temruogtaf: Shioya Kozo

         Michael: Yoshihito Sasaki

         King Femud: Takashi Matsuyama

         Future Ragna: Nobutoshi Canna



    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project



    Fairouz Ai (Voice of Slime)

    This title has extremely unique characters starting with Crimson, but the Slime is one of the strange characters.

    The story is pretty serious, with Ragna going through a lot of agony and having his precious things taken away. But the Slime brightens up the scene with its non-conforming character. I believe its charm is where he just keeps his own pace, and I tried to express that! 

    “You stupid hoomans, watch the show or else!” (saying in character)







    Junichi Suwabe (Voice of Woltekamui)

    Woltekamui is very very strong.

    He will appear later in the show as an extraordinarily strong enemy that confronts Ragna and his friends.

    I look forward to see how the fierce battle scenes in the manga will be shown in the anime.

    Oh, just in case, this “strong enemy” never becomes a comrade. He’s a real bad guy!

    Please look forward to the anime “Ragna Crimson!”






    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project


         ulma sound junction “ROAR”



    We started reading the manga after hearing about making the OP theme. We just couldn’t put the books down until we finished reading.

    We tried to express the very heavy storyline, hard action sequences, Ragna’s strength that causes inner conflict, and Crimson’s bottomless cunning, which is almost bewitching.

    There are so many appealing characters. The protagonists and dragons both have a lot of drama, too.

    Justice is quite a different concept when you seeing from Ragna’s and the dragons’ aspect. You will see more to the story when you switch angles. It’s a deep story that could be received in different ways by different people.

    As a fan, I truly look forward to seeing the battle scenes that are so ferocious that sound and thoughts seem to be left behind. We will be following the show to see how the future of the characters turn out. I hope you enjoy our song.



    The band ulma sound junction is a four-piece progessive rock band made by close friends who grew up in Ishigaki-jima, Okinawa prefecture.

    The bands performance sucks in listeners in with their upredictable but impressive melody line. Their concept is being a “cinematic core” of sound.

    Hisao Tamura’s (Ba&Vo) strong vocals has a tribal music mood, while Tamotsu Kasemoto’s (Dr) highly intuitive drums accompany vocals with its progressive beat. Yoshitaka Yamazato’s (G) emotional yet eccentric lead guitar sets the tone, while Shun Fukusato (G) arranges change the songs into a pop anthem that has a strong message. “ulma sound” is made by these four members that make music that has potential to become truly world-class.



    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project


    Date: Sat. 9/2/2023 open at 16:15 / start at 16:30 **18:00 end**
    Venue: Shinjuku Piccadilly
    Cast: Chiaki Kobayashi (Ragna), Ayumu Murase (Crimson), and others (TBA)
    Content: Premiere of EP 1 (1-hour special) followed by a talk show by the cast
    **Cast appearances might change without notice.**


    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project


    “Dragon Hunters” use their silver swords to hunt dragons to make a living.

    Ragna, a starting out hunter buddies with Leonica, a genius dragon hunter with a tremendous score, to battle dragons every day.

    Ragna has only one wish --- “I wouldn’t complain if can’t become strong. I just want to be with Leo.”

    But his small wish is brutally shattered by an attack of a “superior dragon,” a being much stronger than any dragon they had fought with.

    Seeing the strong enemy in front of him, Ragna remembers a bad dream he had been suffering from for the past few days. In his dreams, Ragna was stronger than anyone else, but living in a devastating future life in solitude, with nothing to save and protect.

    What is his future trying to tell him? What path should he take now?

    Ragna takes one step forward to avert his devastating future with a new buddy called Crimson, who is a bag of mysteries.

    His enemy has ultimate strength. He fights against a forced destiny. Fighting beyond the limits!

    An ultra-tough, ultimate isekai battle story begins!



    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project


    A young dragon hunter starting out. He becomes the buddy of a strong hunter named Leonica. Though he is not talented, he works hard to assist Leonica.

    A very cool-blooded character skillful in magic and conspiracy, but the true identity of Crimson is unknown. Crimson wishes Ragna to defeat all dragons.

    A 12-year-old who travels with Ragna. Known as “Leo.” A very talented dragon hunter, who everybody calls a “child prodigy.”

    Crimson’s servant creature. A slime-like being that devours dragons. Slime usually takes the form of a human boy, and looks down on everybody except for Crimson.

    A superior dragon ranking the Second Seat of the Blood of the Wing. Also known as the "Lightning Claw Dragon." Skillful in using lightning and has tremendous speed. Stronger than most of the superior dragons.



    “Ragna Crimson” Comics Volumes 1-12 On Sale Read the latest episode in monthly Gangan JOKER (on sale 22nd monthly) from Square Enix.


    Photo courtesy of AMCN Entertainment Group. ©︎ Daiki Kobayashi/SQUARE ENIX, Ragna Crimson Project

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