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    SAINT SEIYA: KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC Sci-fi / Fantasy Graphic Novel Debuts from ABLAZE

    The Galaxian Wars return with a new generation of Knights of the Zodiac!
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    COVER A by Jérôme Alquié. Photo courtesy of Ablaze. ©1985 Masami Kurumada (AKITASHOTEN) ©Alquié – Dollen – Kana (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.)

    Comics and graphic novel publisher ABLAZE expands with the launch on October 11th of the new full color series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Time Odyssey.

    The series will be published in print and digitally and features story and art by Jérôme Alquié who notably created the Space Pirate Captain Harlock series with the legendary Leiji Matsumoto that was published by ABLAZE in 2022. New issues of Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Time Odyssey will debut monthly.

    Issue 1 features two brand new covers, Cover B by Lesley “Leiriix” Li, and Cover C by David Mack, in addition to the main Cover A by Jérôme Alquié. Future issues will also feature two new covers per issue by some of the industry’s most talented artists, including Gerald Parel, Jon Lam, Creees Lee, Ramon Perez and others, as well as new covers by Jérôme Alquié.   

    Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Time Odyssey Issue 1, story by Jérôme Alquié, Arnaud Dollen, Masami Kurumada, art by Jerome Alquie · SRP: $3.99 · Available October 11th    

    The goddess Athena and her knights, led by the famous Seiya, are called back into action once again when Chronos, the god of time, has his sights set on joining the other gods of Olympus. To do so, he has constructed a Doomsday Clock that will allow him to change the past, present, and future, putting the knights and Earth itself in jeopardy!

    Writer/Artist Jérôme Alquié (Space Pirate Captain Harlock) is joined by co-writer Arnaud Dollen (Surnaturels) to bring Masami Kurumada’s classic Saint Seiya on an epic new journey for the ages!

    “SAINT SEIYA: KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC is a storied franchise that has drawn legions of fans as a manga and anime series and we are very excited to launch this latest iteration under the ABLAZE Manga imprint that adds a bold new dimension to this acclaimed fantasy action brand,” says Rich Young, Publisher & Co-Founder of ABLAZE.

    The SAINT SEIYA: KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC original CG anime series currently streams on Netflix.  Watch trailer here:

    A live-action movie SAINT SEIYA: THE BEGINNING was also produced by Toei and Sony Pictures.  Catch the trailer here:

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    COVER B by Leirix. Photo courtesy of Ablaze. ©1985 Masami Kurumada (AKITASHOTEN) ©Alquié – Dollen – Kana (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.)

    COVER C by David Mack. Photo courtesy of Ablaze. ©1985 Masami Kurumada (AKITASHOTEN) ©Alquié – Dollen – Kana (Dargaud-Lombard s.a.)


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