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    An Overview Of The Different Gundam Series

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    Established in 1979, Gundam Series is a huge franchise in Japan, with numerous TV series, video games, and movies to its name. Let’s take a deeper look into various Gundam Series than have been released over the years. Universal Century (UC) Universal Century (UC) is the original Gundam universe. It features several wars between the earth and space colonies in different periods. UC accounts for the bulk of the Gundam series. Given the fact that the series started in the 70s, though, some of the scenes have not aged well,and you may not get the desired quality. You can still find some impressive gems in the UC, however. The series in the UC include Mobile Suit Gundam, MS Igloo, The 8th MS Team, and Zeta Gundam. Others are Gundam Unicorn, Gundam ZZ, Gundam F91, G-Saviour, Turn a Gundam, as well as 008: War in the Pocket and 0083: Stardust Memory. It’s noteworthy that virtually everything in all the other Gundam series has its roots in the Universal Century. Cosmic Era Cosmic Era details a war between genetically engineered people and the ‘normal’ humans living on the Earth. The story has no dull moments and is nicely paced from start to finish, and the characters are exciting and realistic. The series in the Cosmic Era include Gundam SEED, MSV: Astray, SEED Destiny, and C.E. 73 Stargazer. After Colony Following oppression by the Earth’s government, every space colony builds a Gundam. They send the Gundams to subdue the Earth’s military so that the colonies can attain independence. The series includes Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz. After War Towards the end of a war between Earth and the space colonies, the Earth built the Gundam X. The Gundam X is a mobile suit with the capability to destroy a colony in a single shot. In response, the colonies dropped empty colonies across the Earth’s surface. The war ended without a clear winner, and the Earth was ravaged while the space colonies were virtually destroyed. The series in After War includes Gundam X. Future Century The space colonies decided not to go to war and instead chose which colony would hold the reins for the next four years. The colony that wins a Gundam fighting contest on Earth will be the one to rule. G Gundam is the only series in the Future Century. Anno Domini There are three different factions in the world for Anno Domini, with each faction always ready to go to war with the others. To avert a catastrophic global war, a group known as the Celestial Beings develops a weapon that is years ahead of what the three factions have in their repertoire. The weapon is powerful, and the Celestial Beings plan to destroy both sides whenever the factions clash. The group wants to send the message that war is useless and won’t benefit anyone. The series included in Anno Domini is Gundam OO. Gundam series is quite thrilling and extremely creative. You can easily take a break from your usual sports betting at sites like sbobet and give the Gundam Series a try.

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