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    Sentai Filmworks Licenses HAKUOKI

    Source: Sentai Filmworks press release Official Site: (Japan) Special Thanks to David Williams

    Sentai Filmworks is pleased to announce their acquisition of HAKUOKI (??? ???????, Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan, 2010). Directed by Osamu Yamasaki (YOTODEN, TOWARD THE TERRA), this stunning series features character designs by Atsuko Nakajima (TRINITY BLOOD, GET BACKERS) and music by Kow Otani (ANOTHER, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING, GMK). Disguised as a man, Chizuru Yukimura has come to Kyoto searching for her missing father, a doctor who developed a magical elixir that increases the drinker’s speed, strength and healing abilities. Instead of her father, however, she stumbles across a battle between the Shinsengumi and the Furies, evil vampire-like creatures of their own making. As things turn out, the Shinsengumi are also searching for her father. And when they discover who she is, they decide to take her into their custody for safe-keeping. But her sex is not the only secret Chizuru has, and as more and more Furies begin appearing in Kyoto and the situation becomes ever deadlier, the Shinsengumi may find that the Furies are the least of their problems! HAKUOKI is based on the hit video game franchise by Idea Factory and is now available in North America by Aksys Games on the Sony Playstation Portable platform. Sentai Filmworks will release HAKUOKI through select digital outlets soon with a home video release on bilingual DVD to follow.

    About Sentai Filmworks

    Sentai Filmworks is one of the fastest-growing anime companies in North America, producing hit series like HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD, TOWANOQUON, SAMURAI GIRLS, GUIN SAGA, NEEDLESS and ANGEL BEATS as well as high profile theatrical films such as GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES and APPLESEED. Sentai Filmworks’ programs can be found on home video distributed by Ingram Entertainment, Baker & Taylor, Section23 Films, The Right Stuf and other good and fine distributors. Digital product offerings may be found at iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Zune Marketplace, Anime Network, Playstation Network, Android Market and YouTube.

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