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    Spotlight on Korean Animation this December in New York City

    Film Series at the Museum of Arts and Design from December 2-16 Source: Museum of Arts and Design press release Official Site: unbridled-energy Special Thanks to Marisa Bartolucci and Jake Yuzna In conjunction with the exhibition "Korean Eye", the Museum of Arts and Design in New York presents "Unbridled Energy: Korean Animation", a program that showcases the breadth and diversity of contemporary creativity in this Asian nation. The series runs from December 2 to December 16, 2011 at MAD (2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019). Though Japanese anime is more widely known, in the past two decades Korean animation or "han-guk manhwa aenimeisyeon" has become increasingly prominent. With over 260 animation studios, mostly based in the capital Seoul, Korea has become an international leader in animation production. Its studios are responsible for the hand-drawn animation of hit American primetime television series like THE SIMPSONS, KING OF THE HILL and FAMILY GUY as well as for such beloved children`s television shows as AAAAH!!! REAL MONSTERS, ARTHUR and RUGRATS. In celebration of the artistry of hand-drawn Korean animation, MAD will present a selection of largely unknown and rarely screened examples. From post-apocalyptic worlds to children`s fables, warriors reincarnated as vending machines and philosophizing excrement, this series provides a fascinating glimpse into Korea`s wildly imaginative animated worlds. Friday, December 2, 7:00 pm AACHI AND SSIPA (??? ??, A-chi-wa Ssi-pak, 2006) Dir. Jo Beom-jin 90 min, digital projection With Yeong Hyeon, Gyu-hwa Lee and Gyu-hyeong Lee In the future, life is literally a pile of shit. With Earth`s resources completely depleted, only human waste is left as a fuel source. Diaper gangs and black marketeers vie for control of "Juicybars," highly addictive fruit bars given as compensation for defecation. In this new landscape of limited resources, the anti-heroes of Aachi and Ssipak battle against the Diaper Gangs for control over the supply of "Juicybars." A rude, funny, utterly original take on the animated feature, AACHI AND SSIPA could only have been made in Korea. Screens with A COFFEE VENDING MACHINE AND ITS SWORD (????????????? ?????????, aka COFFEE SAMURAI, 2007) Dir. Hyung-Yun Chang 30 min, Digital Projection After being slain in battle, Jin Yeong-yeong, a swordsman who was called Murimjeilgeom (Best Martial Sword), finds himself reincarnated as a coffee vending machine. After the new steel warrior experiences love-at-first-sight with Hye-mi, a sympathetic girl who enjoys drinking wine, Jin Yeong-yeong must discover his place in the new world he inhabits. Friday, December 9, 7:00 pm MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL, MARI (?? ???, Ma-ri I-ya-gi, 2002) Dir. Seong-kang Lee 80 min, Digital Projection With Byung-hun Lee, Hyeong-jin Kong and Chong-ok Bae Blurring the lines between the real and the surreal, MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL, MARI follows two friends who escape their loneliness and hardships in an imaginary world where they meet the otherworldly Mari. Together, these new friends harness the wonders found in this fantastical world to deal with their realities—and find themselves on the path to maturity and self-discovery. Winner of the Feature Film Grand Prixes winner at the Annecy International Film Festival in 2002, MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL, MARI was a breakout success bringing original Korean animation to international attention. Screens with DOGGY POO (??? ?, Gangaji ddong, 2003) Dir. Kwon Oh-sung 30 min, digital projection With Anna Desmarais, Tony Ruse, Josh Smith What is the purpose of life? That is what the title character wants to know in this film for children. Left on the side of the road by his "creator," Doggy Poo questions its role in the universe. An odd but compelling film that provides some insight into Korean children`s animation.

    About the Series

    "Unbridled Energy: Korean Animation" is an animation series presented by The Museum of Arts and Design. Screenings will be held in the Theater at MAD from December 2–December 16, 2011. All animation screenings are $10 General, $7 MAD Members and Students with Valid ID. "Unbridled Energy" is programmed by Jake Yuzna, Manager of Public Programs, and is presented in conjunction with the exhibition "Korean Eye: Energy and Matter", on view from November 1, 2011–February 19, 2012. The New York exhibition is made possible through the generosity of Amore Pacific, Korean Air, and Dr. Young Yang Chung and the Seol Won Foundation, along with the support of Pernod Ricard, The Korea Society, the Korean Ministry of Sports and Culture, the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Korean Congresswoman Lee.

    About the Museum of Arts and Design

    The Museum of Arts and Design explores what Chief Curator David R. McFadden calls "the blur zone between art, design, and craft today." It focuses on contemporary creativity and the ways in which artists and designers from around the world transform materials through processes ranging from the artisanal to the digital. The Museum`s exhibition program examines and illuminates issues and ideas, highlights invention and craftsmanship, and celebrates the limitless potential of materials and techniques when used by gifted and innovative artists. MAD`s permanent collection is global in scope and focuses on art, craft, and design from 1950 to the present day. Central to the Museum`s mission is education. The Museum`s dynamic new facility features classrooms and studios for master classes, seminars, and workshops for students, families, and adults. Its Open Studios enable visitors to engage artists at work and further enhance exhibition programs. Lectures, films, performances, and symposia related to the Museum`s collection and topical subjects affecting the world of contemporary art, craft, and design are held in the building`s historic 144-seat auditorium.
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