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    Toyota Motor Corporation to Exhibit at Anime Expo in Los Angeles

    Animated Series Created with Studio 4°C to be Screened Source: Toyota Motor Sales & Marketing Corporation Official Site: Special Thanks to Takao Minai and Hiroshi Inagawa Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will screen PES: PEACE ECO SMILE, an animated work produced in collaboration with Studio 4°C, a leading Japanese animation studio, at the Anime Expo 2012 to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California, United States. The expo is scheduled to run from June 29 and through July 2. With the theme “our love of humanity and energy that we create moves us emotionally”, the animation series is a heart warming comedic love story that takes place in Kichiyoii, one of the most desirable cities in Japan. The story involves an alien traveler, Pes, who falls to Earth and for a human named Kurumi while NaSuBi aliens come to rescue him. Pes comes to discover the value of Earth and its cars through his unique alien perspective. The cars seen in the animations are uniquely designed based on real Toyota automobiles. "Cars are the tools to carry people and materials from one point to another. The Prius and other hybrid cars are loaded with new technology and tremendous value that always keep people as the primary focus.“ Founder Sakichi Toyota’s mission was “to make great contributions to people and society through automobile manufacturing.” In order to provide this sentiment to the next generation and continue to pursue this goal, TMC needed to evolve their creativeness and collaborate with Studio 4°C. Yuichiro Hayashi directed this extremely heart-warming and engaging story. Akiko Yajima, who is known for her work in CRAYON SHIN CHAN, is the voice of NaSuBi. The music for each emotionally driven episode was contributed by a variety of talented artists, including HALFBY, Yuri Miyauchi, Hiroko Sebu, Seiichi Yamamoto, yuya matsumura (white white sisters), and Spangle call Lilli line. The storylines use creative imagery and beautiful music to depict a small but warm world where people care about each other. A preview of PES was shown at the Tokyo International Anime Fair held in March 2012, and now the main feature will be screened at the Anime Expo 2012. The "PES Project" presented by Toyota and Studio4C will show the first three episodes of PES, as well as a special "making-of" movie on booth monitors. PES episodes will also be available for viewing on a special PES page on TMC’s website from June 23. The site will stream episodes and present information on the main characters, settings, and those responsible for the making of PES (cast members, musical artists and staff). In the future, behind-the-scene features including conversations with the artists and comments from the director will also be released. There will be special campaign on the PES site that will connect people to the world of PES, and the website will tell this small Japanese love story to the world. TMC also plans to conduct a variety of programs including screening events in Tokyo and exhibitions at other events in Japan. Additional events include... ? PES screenings at Amlux Tokyo (starting June 23) ? Release of episodes on YouTube PES exclusive site. Each of the seven episodes will be posted once a month. ? Part of NaSuBi’s mission is to come to earth take over twitter. On they tweet about discoveries on earth and about PEACE ECO SMILE’s information about the earth. ? Information releases on Facebook ? Advertisements that capture the essence of the world of PES will be run in the media in various countries (teaser airings on France’s Catsuka! cable television) Toyota’s ongoing mission to foster, love and support society is inherent in the first offering from the animation series. The next theme in the series will be a celebration of the value of diversity.

    About Toyota Motor Corporation

    Toyota today manufactures a diverse line-up of vehicles all over the globe. As an innovative leader, Toyota is well-known for its management philosophy and the world`s first mass-market hybrids.

    About Studio 4°C

    Studio 4°C (Studio Yon Dou C) is a world-renowned Japanese company that primarily works on animation, video planning, and production. The company’s creations include music videos, television, commercials, promotional videos, game movies, and films. 4°C, in scientific terms, is the temperature where water’s properties become the most dense, and Studio 4°C’s creative policy is to produce programming with the greatest creative density. Their works include music videos by Ken Iahii (EXTRA), GLAY (Survival) and Hikaru Utada. Other animation projects include ONKYO SEIMEITAI NOICE MAN, EIKYU KAZOKU, Nike commercials and exhibition videos, video games, and the TV animations MAHO SHOJYOTAI ALUS (2004) and TENSAI BIT KUN (2001-). Studio 4°C were early adapters of digital technology and have been consistently creating innovative visual images since its creation. Their theatrical animation films, MEMORIES (1995) directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, SPRIGGAN (1998) directed by Hirotsubu Kawasaki, and PRINCESS ARETE (2000) directed by Sunao Kawabuchi have been highly reviewed, and in 2003, Studio 4C collaborated with Warner Brothers in the US to create ANIMATRIX. The studio’s 2004 work, MIND GAME directed by Masaaki Yuasa won various awards including the Japan Media Arts Award, the Mainichi Eiga Contest, Nobuo Oofuji Award and Canada Fantastic Film Festivals. Studio 4°C’s film, TEKKONKINKREET won the 2007 Japan Academy Animation Award and was selected as one of the final 11 nominees for the US Academy Awards for Feature Animation. Their other recent works include, DETROIT METAL CITY, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT, and Microsoft’s computer game, HALO. In 2012, the first of the trilogy, BERSERK: GOLDEN AGE ARC, will be released in the theaters, and the second and third films will be released soon.
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