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    US Premiere of LUPIN THE 3RD: ITALIAN GAME at AX 2017

    Source: Anime Expo press release, TMS The US premiere of the special LUPIN THE 3RD: ITALIAN GAME (????? ?????????, Rupan Sansei Itarian Geimu, 2016) is coming to Anime Expo 2017, July 3rd (Day 3), 2:00PM-4:00PM at the JW Marriott Diamond Ballroom/ Room Video 2. There will be a giveaway at the screening of free exclusive T-shirts, specially designed by character designer Hisao Yokobori. Synopsis There`s message from Lupin the Third, but this time, he`s not announcing a heist. Instead, it`s an invitation to his wedding with the young and famous tabloid queen, Rebecca of the wealthy Rosselini conglomerate. Lupin`s true motive behind his nuptials is to steal the Libertas crown, also known as San Marino`s national treasure. The crown is only brought out during their marriage ceremony. But as Lupin attempts to steal the crown, his arch-nemesis Inspector Zenigata is ready to pounce, having been tipped off on Lupin`s attempted heist. But who tipped him off, and why? Meanwhile in Rome, a skilled spy from the English secret service, MI-6 finally manages to corner Lupin. During these proceedings, it`s revealed that MI-6 has been secretly investigating something known as the Dream of Italy, which is somehow related to a tragic hidden love affair from Rebecca`s past. The story that began in San Marino expand all over Italy as Lupin pursues love and freedom in this exciting new adventure.

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