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    20TH CENTURY BOYS DVD Prizepack Winners!

    Source: 4Digital Media, The Associates Official Movie Site: 20th Boys Special Thanks to Steve Beecham and Farhana Shaikh The response to SciFi Japan`s Win the 20TH CENTURY BOYS DVD Prizepack! contest was phenomenal, and we thank everyone who entered, 4Digital Media, and The Associates for making our first UK giveaway a big success. We`ll be doing more contests for our British readers!

    The following randomly drawn entrants correctly answered all contest questions: Ellen Stafford Paul Shepherd Jackie ONeill Congratulations to the winners! Each of you has won a 4Digital Media "20TH CENTURY BOYS DVD Prizepack" that includes the 2-Disc DVD set, a Friend cult T-shirt, and the 20TH CENTURY BOYS theatrical poster. The Associates will be shipping out the Prizepacks shortly after the DVD streets on May 4.

    Contest Answers:

    1. What is the Japanese title of the movie or the manga? A: 20-Seiki Shonen, Nijyusseiki Shonen, or 20???? were acceptable answers. 2. The story was originally inspired by a rock song of the same name. Name the band that first recorded that song. A: T.Rex. 3. Actor Etsushi Toyokawa (who plays Otcho) has also starred in big sci-fi or fantasy films for directors Takashi Miike and Shinji Higuchi. Name one the movies Toyokawa made with those directors. A: Toyokawa starred in Takashi Miike`s THE GREAT YOKAI WAR (Yokai Daisenso) and Shinji Higuchi`s SINKING OF JAPAN (Nihon Chinbotsu). Either film was an acceptable answer.

    For more information on 20TH CENTURY BOYS please see the earlier coverage here on SciFi Japan:

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