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    CYBORG SHE on UK DVD Oct 26

    UK trailer for CYBORG SHE, a science fiction romance from the director of MY SASSY GIRL. Video courtesy of The Associates. © 2008 Cyborg She Film Partners.

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    UK DVD cover art for CYBORG SHE. Photo courtesy of The Associates. © 2008 Cyborg She Film Partners.

    "A largely entertaining gender-bender… genuinely touching." - Variety Have you ever imagined what THE TERMINATOR would have been like had it been a romantic comedy in the vein of SERENDIPITY? Well, now you don`t have to because that`s pretty much what writer-director Kwak Jae-young (director of the smash hit Korean comedy, MY SASSY GIRL) delivers with CYBORG SHE (Boku no Kanojo wa Saibogu, 2008), a touching and lighthearted sci-fi love story about a lonely young man and his female cyborg from the future. Jiro Kitamura (Keisuke Koide) is a teenage student living in Tokyo who each year celebrates his birthday alone, buying himself a gift and dining on the same meal at the same restaurant. Shopping in a department store on the evening of his 20th birthday, Jiro witnesses an attractive young girl (Haruka Ayase) trying on a new outfit and leaving the store without paying. Later, as he sits down for dinner, the mysterious girl shows up at the restaurant and announces that it`s her birthday too. They spend the rest of the evening together, but at the end of what proves to be Jiro`s best birthday ever the girl disappears. Exactly one year later, the girl reappears and joins Jiro for his annual birthday meal. When a crazed customer unleashes a torrent of gunfire on the restaurant, it is only the actions of his pretty companion that save Jiro from the hail of bullets. His savior then reveals the shocking truth about her existence— she is, in fact, a cyborg built by Jiro`s elderly future self and sent back to the present to prevent him from being crippled by the gunman.

    Jiro Kitamura`s (Keisuke Koide) life changes forever when a beautiful woman (Haruka Ayase) suddenly appears on his birthday. Photo courtesy of The Associates. © 2008 Cyborg She Film Partners.

    It`s not long before romance is in the air and Jiro begins to fall for his "creation" who, sadly, is incapable of feeling emotions. Realizing his love is in vain, Jiro gives up his attempts at establishing a romantic relationship and returns to his solitary life. But things change when a devastating earthquake hits the city and the cyborg appears once more to save his life. Haruka Ayase (ICHI; HERO; OPPAI VOLLEYBALL) and Keisuke Koide (GOKUSEN: THE MOVIE; KISARAGI) star in this century-spanning love story that will appeal to both sci-fi fans and romantic-comedy fans alike thanks to its hugely entertaining combination of romance, slapstick comedy and thrilling special effects. Ayase is close to perfect as the cute cyborg who wants to please her creator but doesn`t quite know how, while the dramatic and brilliantly envisioned destruction of Tokyo will thrill viewers as the film builds to its moving, bittersweet tear-jerking climax. CYBORG SHE (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£14.99) by 4Digital Asia on 26th October 2009.


    Even artificial women love new shoes. Photo courtesy of The Associates. © 2008 Cyborg She Film Partners.

    Director: Kwak Jae-young Producers: Mataichiro Yamamoto, Ji Young-joon Writer: Kwak Jae-young Cast Cyborg Girl: Haruka Ayase Jiro Kitamura: Keisuke Koide Kenta Sato: Kenta Kiritani Jiro`s Grandmother: Kazuko Yoshiyuki Professor: Naoto Takenaka TV Reporter Toyokuni: Fumiyo Kohinata Designer: Masato Ibu Gunman: Hiromasa Taguchi Auctioneer: Kenichi Endo Candy Shop Owner: Yoshikazu Ebisu

    The Cyborg Girl races to protect Jiro when a massive earthquake strikes Tokyo. Photo courtesy of The Associates. © 2008 Cyborg She Film Partners.

    Label: 4Digital Asia Release date: 26th October 2009 Certificate: 15 Running time: 120 mins Price: £14.99 Region: 2 Format: PAL Aspect ratio: 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen Language: Japanese Subtitles: English Special Features • Guide to Cyborg She • Original Japanese trailer • Original Japanese teaser trailer • Original Japanese TV Spots • Interviews • Press Conference • Cast at Premiere • Cast at Yubari Film Festival

    The Cyborg Girl arrives in the year 2008. Video clip courtesy of The Associates. © 2008 Cyborg She Film Partners.

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