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    EDEN OF THE EAST: PARADISE LOST on Australian DVD and Blu-ray

    DVD and Blu-ray cober designs for the Australian release of EDEN OF THE EAST: PARADISE LOST. Photo courtesy of Madman Entertainment. © 2010 EDEN OF THE EAST.

    Source: Madman Entertainment Official Site: (Japan) The anime feature EDEN OF THE EAST: PARADISE LOST (????? ???? Paradise Lost, Higashi no Eden Gekijooban II: Paradise Lost, 2010) will be released on DVD (Region 4, PAL) and Blu-ray in Australia by Madman Entertainment on October 19th. The film wraps up the storyline begun in the acclaimed anime series EDEN OF THE EAST (?????, Higashi no Eden, 2009). Accused of terrorism and feeling the heat, Saki Morimi`s high-tech crew is in the crosshairs. Meanwhile, the shroud of mystery covering Akira Takizawa is lifted as he and his fellow Selecao make their final moves. Every game must come to an end. For those playing Mr. Outside`s twisted game of conspiracy thrills, the end comes now. Format: DVD (Region 4, PAL) SRP: $29.95 Catalogue: MMA4362 Format: Blu-ray (Region 4, PAL) SRP: $34.95 Catalogue: MMA4362BR Release Date: October 19, 2011 Year Of Production: 2011 Genre: Anime Audio tracks: Dolby 5.1, Dolby 2.0 Languages: Japanese, English Subtitles: English Runtime: 93 minutes Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen Special Features U.S. cast commentary Visual commentary on the Eden System with Director Kamiyama Japanese preview, TV spots Series trailer Movie trailers

    The Eden of the East crew pulls together for the endgame. Photo courtesy of The Associates. © 2010 EDEN OF THE EAST.

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