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    GUYVER: THE BIOBOOSTED ARMOR Concludes in November

    Source: ADV Films

    The hit series GUYVER: THE BIOBOOSTED ARMOR concludes November 6 with volume seven, ARMOR OF THE GODS. The Guyver has been a cult-classic for over 20 years, spawning over 150 manga chapters, two live-action movies, an OVA, and a short series. Now, Director Katsuhito Akiyama (BUBBLEGUM CRISIS) breathes new life into the dark masterpiece, treating us to the most complete and captivating story to date. Synopsis: The Relic has been destroyed and Sho is presumed dead. Apparently, the world now belongs to Chronos. A year has passed, and with both Guyvers missing in action, Chronos’ grip on society grows tighter. Fugitives Tetsuro and Mizuki are forced into hiding, scrounging desperately for any news that Sho is still alive. When Chronos agents close in, they’re forced to rely on Aptom to protect them from their Zoanoid adversaries. But what is his motive? Now, Makishima has emerged as the leader of an anti-Chronos movement and scours the globe for a mysterious chrysalis that he believes holds the secret to Sho’s disappearance. He is forced into combat with a reoptimized ZX-Tole with seemingly unlimited power. With Aptom torn to shreds and Makishima utterly overpowered, Earth’s only hope lies in a new Guyver which must be born to pierce the darkness of Chronos. Humanity’s secrets will be unveiled in this electrifying conclusion of GUYVER: THE BIOBOOSTED ARMOR. GUYVER: THE BIOBOOSTED ARMOR– ARMOR OF THE GODS is an anamorphic DVD-only release including episodes 24 through 26, presented in both English 5.1 and Japanese 2.0 with English subtitles. Extras include a manga to anime comparison of all three episodes, production sketches, commentary with Chris Patton (Sho), Lowell Bartholomee (Tetsuro) and Charles Campbell (ADR Director), plus clean opening animation, clean closing animation and previews of upcoming ADV Films releases. DVD Product Details Volume: 7 of 7 Running Time: 75 minutes Age Rating: TV MA (V) CAT: DGUY/007 UPC: 702727157820 Street Date: 11/6/2007 Format: DVD SRP: $29.98

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