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    Inazuman Comes to DVD in the US!

    Source: JN Productions, Inc. Official Website: Generation Kikaida

    JN Productions and Generation Kikaida`s forthcoming INAZUMAN box set. Coming out November 21. Photo courtesy of Generation Kikaida. © 2008 Ishimori Production Inc. and Toei Co., Ltd./JN Productions, Inc.

    Riding on the success and popularity of the Toei tokusatsu (live-action) series of the 70`s KIKAIDA, JN Productions and Generation Kikaida will release another action-packed Japanese superhero DVD box set INAZUMAN on November 21, 2008. Inazuman, the Fighter for Freedom, battles mutant monsters of the evil Bamba Empire who are threatening the world. Watari Goro, a college student, saves two youngsters from the Neo-Human Empire`s Fantom Army. The youngsters bring him to the base of the Youth League, a group of pure-hearted young mutants with psionic powers. Their leader, Capt. Sarra, awakens Goro to his own super powers that allow him to turn first into Sanagiman, then into Inazuman. After he defeats a Neo-Human monster, Goro is accepted into the Youth League, and presented with the amazing vehicle, Raijingo. All 25 episodes of INAZUMAN are packaged in a glossy four-disc box set, digitally remastered, completely uncut, and fully subtitled in English for the first time anywhere on Region 1 DVD. The box set is also packed with special features which include interviews with main actor Ban Daisuke (who also starred as Jiro/Kikaida in JN Productions` previous release, KIKAIDA), Japan and Hawaii fans of the Kikaida Generation, Karaoke, and Trivia Quiz. The INAZUMAN Box Set will be sold in Honolulu by Shirokiya at Ala Moana Center and through the Generation Kikaida website store.

    Inazuman, Fighter for Freedom! © 1973 Ishimori Production Inc. and Toei Co., Ltd.

    BONUS FEATURES • Ban Daisuke Interview • Inazuman Fan Interviews • Karaoke • Trivia Quiz • Behind-the-Scenes Episode Factoids • Character Profiles • Cast & Staff List • And more! CREDITS A JN Productions, Inc. DVD "Inazuman" Starring Ban Daisuke Based on the Original Story by Ishinomori Shotaro Music by Watanabe Chumei All Rights Reserved ©1973 Ishimori Production Inc. and TOEI COMPANY, LTD. INAZUMAN DVD is Region Code "1" NTSC 4:3 Japanese Language English subtitles Feature running time: 10 hours 27 minutes NOT RATED

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