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    KAIDAN (2007) on Region 1 DVD Today

    Japanese Horror Film Released by Lionsgate Source: Lionsgate press release, Bender/Helper Impact

    Region 1 DVD cover art for the Japanese horror film KAIDAN. Photo courtesy of Lionsgate and Bender/Helper Impact. © 2007 “KAIDAN” Film Partners.

    From the legendary director of RING and THE RING TWO comes this eerie tale of ghostly vengeance. The unwitting victim of a terrible curse, a young man accidentally injures his wife, a jealous teacher who soon dies from her wound. Running away with one of her students, he fails to heed the dead woman’s warning that if remarried, she’ll haunt him to the grave. And now for an unfaithful husband, the real terror is about to begin. On June 30, the 2007 J-Horror film KAIDAN (meaning "Supernatural Tales") will be released on DVD in America by Lionsgate. Despite the title, the film is not a remake or "reimagining" of the 1965 classic KAIDAN (known in America as KWAIDAN), but is instead based on the 1859 ghost story Reckoning at Kasane Swamp (Shinkei Kasane ga Fuchi) by Sanyutei Encho. The novel has been adapted several times for both film and television in Japan, most notably as the 1957 theatrical version THE GHOSTS OF KASANE SWAMP (Kaidan Kasane ga Fuchi) by director Nobuo Nakagawa (JIGOKU). The new KAIDAN was directed by Hideo Nakata, who received international attention for his smash hit RING (Ringu, 1998). He followed that success with RING 2 (Ringu 2, 1999) and the acclaimed DARK WATER (Honogurai Mizu no Soko Kara, 2002). Nakata made his American directorial debut with THE RING TWO (2005), the sequel to the remake of his own film. Last year, he had another box office hit with DEATH NOTE: L, change the worLd (2008), the third entry in the live action DEATH NOTE movie series.
    Cast Kikunosuke Onoe: THE INUGAMIS, THE CODE Hitomi Kuroki: KURA, DARK WATER, RETURN OF HAPPINESS, 20TH CENTURY BOYS Mao Inoue: BOYS OVER FLOWERS: FINAL, CHECK IT OUT, YO!, KITARO Kumiko Aso: CHILD BY CHILDREN, ACHILLES AND THE TORTOISE, CAFE ISOBE Tae Kimura: STARFISH HOTEL, INFECTION, TRAIN MAN: DENSHA OTOKO Asaka Seto: DIVE!, DEATH NOTE: L, change the worLd, DEATH NOTE, TRAVAIL Takaaki Enoki: SPRING SNOW, THE WIND CARPET, SLEEPING BRIDE Reona Hirota: THE MAMIYA BROTHERS, PRINCESS IN AN IRON HELMET, MILESTONES DVD Details Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen Audio Format: 5.1 Dolby Digital Language: Japanese Subtitles: English, Spanish Closed Captioned: English Feature Run Time: 119 minutes Street Date: 6/30/09 SRP: $26.98

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