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    Latest FUNimation Anime DVDs

    Source: FUNimation Entertainment press release Special Thanks to Jackie Smith FUNimation Entertainment will release the following Region 1 anime DVDs in the second half of October...

    © 2008 Gonzo, Nitroplus/Blassreiter Project

    BLASSREITER, THE COMPLETE SERIES: PART 1 October 20 SRP $59.98 Official Site: A blood-born plague races across Germany, giving life to mechanized monsters who are hell-bent on making a bloody mess out of anyone in their path. Known as Demoniacs, these creatures have the perverse ability to meld with technology and wield it as an extension of their uncontrollable cyber rage. Standing in their way is civilization`s last hope for a savior. Joseph Jobson - the mysterious lone rider - fuses with the unreal technology of his battle-tested motorcycle to defend man against machine. But the same tainted blood that carries his strength threatens to devour his soul, leaving him nothing more than a murderous demon. The future of death is now, and it refuses to be stopped. Episodes 1-12 Japanese Audio, English Audio English Subtitles Episode 12 Commentary Promotional Videos (with subtitles) Textless Opening and Closing Songs Trailers Running Timer: 288 Minutes Rating: TV-17

    © 2005 Aquaplus/KSS

    COMIC PARTY REVOLUTION: THE COMPLETE SERIES October 20 $49.98 Official Site: Kazuki, Taishi, and all their crazy cohorts are back and getting into all kinds of misadventures. Manga and madness abound as these college students navigate the otaku subculture of doujinshi. Life is a joke for this crew, but not every day can be a Comic Party. A break in the laughter spells trouble, and this gang of chuckle-heads passes the time with some hot springs action, a whacked out tennis tournament, and a camping trip that ends in a deadly duel! It`s a good thing these manga-maniacs can depend on each other when things go from ridiculous to totally absurd! Episodes 1-13 4:3 Aspect Ratio Japanese Audio, English Audio English Subtitles Textless Opening and Ending Trailers Running Time: 317 Minutes Rating: TV-14

    © 2006 Mitsuro Yuki, Sakura Asagi, Kadokawashoten Shonen Onmyouji Partners

    SHONEN ONMYOUJI: THE COMPLETE SERIES October 27 $69.98 Official Site: Abeno Masahiro is the grandson of the great sorcerer Abeno Seimei. Unfortunately for him, his grandfather did such a great job in the past, he really hasn`t had a need to perform any magical duties and as a result, Masahiro lost his sixth sense and the ability to see spirits. One day, a demon drops from the sky and proclaims that Masahiro must continue his grandfather`s work and learn to be an Onmyouji regardless of the dangers that await him! Uncut Episodes 1-26 Anamorphic 16:9 Widescreen Japanese Dolby 2.0 Audio, English Dolby 2.0 Audio English Subtitles Textless Songs Trailers Running Time: 625 Minutes Rating: TV-13

    Not final design. © 2007 Norhiho Yagi/Shueisha, DNDP, VAP, Avex Entertainment, Madhouse.

    CLAYMORE: THE COMPLETE SERIES October 27 $69.98 Official Site: A brutal scourge stalks the land. Yoma, monsters driven by a hunger satisfied by only one quarry: Humanity. The dark breed knows but a singular foe: Claymore. Human-Yoma hybrids of extraordinary strength and cunning, the Claymores roam from skirmish to skirmish delivering salvation by the edge of a blade. Thus begins the twisting tale of Clare, one such sister of the sword driven by pain in both victory and defeat. A child silent and suffering hidden in her past, Clare`s march toward vengeance unfolds along a path marked by violence, solitude and scorn. In a land where even the predator is prey, the haunted hearts of hunter and hunted alike wear the scars of the age. 26 Episodes Japanese Audio, English Audio English Subtitles Audio Commentaries Japanese Staff Interviews Cast Auditions Original TV Commercials Textless Songs Trailers Two 24 Page Booklets with Interviews, Sketches, Profiles, and Artwork Running Time: 620 Minutes Rating: TV-17

    About FUNimation Entertainment

    FUNimation Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, is the leading company for home video sales of Japanese animation in the United States. FUNimation has a proven formula for launching and advancing brands, and manages a full spectrum of rights for most of its brands including broadcasting, licensing, production, internet, and home video sales and distribution. For more information about FUNimation Entertainment and its brands, visit

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