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    Media Blasters Continues its Shaw Brothers Releases

    HEROES TWO Details Source: Richard York, Media Blasters Media Blasters has provided some information about their upcoming release of the Shaw Brothers/Chang Cheh classic, HEROES TWO, due out April 8th. Fang Shih Yu and Hung Hsi Kuan escape after the burning of the Shaolin Temple; but a case of mistaken identity causes Hung to be captured and marked for death. It`s now a race against time to free him and seek revenge for the burning of the temple, before the Manchus can amass their warriors for one final assault on the survivors of Shaolin. *Remastered Anamorphic 2.35:1 Feature from HD master *Languages: *Mandarin Mono with English Subtitles *English Mono *English 5.1 *Audio Commentary by Asian Film Historian Linn Haynes (please see statement below) *Remastered "Three Styles of Hung Fist" available as an intro option for the first time on DVD (Mandarin with English titles only) *Original Mandarin Trailer (with English subtitles) *New Mandarin Trailers (4 variations, with English Subtitles) *"Three Styles of Hung Fist", original English language version (from unremastered video) *Original English language export trailer (from unremastered video) *Original English language opening (from unremastered video) *"Made to be a Hero" An all-new interview with star Chen Kuan-tai (produced by Mike Leeder) *Stills and art gallery

    In a statement issued by Richard York, he stated, "We`re deeply honored to have had the invaluable (and irreplaceable) assistance of Linn Haynes. He dedicated his life to classic kung fu films. His knowledge runs deep and his enthusiasm and professionalism can be felt all through this release. He provided a lot of the great video extras you see above and his commentary does not disappoint. In fact, I`d say it`s one of the most informative and entertaining I`ve heard in a long time. "He apparently ran into a snag or two in completing his commentary. It arrived to us late and still had to go to Celestial for approval. Due to the scheduling of the packaging printing, we weren`t able to get commentary approval before it went to press. Therefore, unfortunately, his name does not appear on the packaging, which he was disappointed with but understanding of. But the commentary is on there (in the setup menu). In one of our last email exchanges, I was able to inform him of Celestial`s approval and he was `very happy!` "It was a real pleasure working with him from the early stages of the process to the plans he had for upcoming editions. As we were working mainly on one film at a time, we weren`t able to get too far on future releases before his untimely passing. We know his absence will be felt through the remainder of our Shaw Brothers releases but, hopefully, so will his spirit."

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