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    Natsume Soseki`s TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS Comes to America

    11 Japanese Directors Explore the Writings of Revered Author Natsume Soseki Source: Cinema Epoch Japanese Movie Website: Special Thanks to Gregory Hatanaka

    US poster and DVD art for TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS. Photo courtesy of Cinema Epoch. © 2006 Ten Nights of Dreams Film Partners/2008 Cinema Epoch

    "I am an ambitious man who wants the people of 100 years hence to solve my riddle." – author Natsume Soseki (1906) Japanese author and poet Natsume Soseki (1867-1916) first came to public attention with his short story I Am a Cat (Wagahai wa Neko de Aru) in Hototogisu magazine in 1905. The next few years saw the publication of his popular stories and novels as London Tower (London To, 1905) Botchan (Master Darling, 1906), The Three-Cornered World (Kusamakura), The 210th Day (Nihyaku-jyu Nichi), and Poppy (Gubijinso, 1907). In 1907, Soseki became a writer for the newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Many of his works were first serialized in the paper then later collected in novel form; this included such acclaimed tales as Ten Nights of Dreams (Yume Ju-ya, 1908) and Kokoro (1914). In the years following his death, Natsume Soseki became known as the most renowned author of the Meiji Era. In recognition of his accomplishments, Soseki`s likeness was featured on the Japanese ¥1,000 notes printed from 1984-2004. In 1906, Soseki challenged audiences of this modern age to solve the riddle of his stories. In 2006, eleven of Japan`s top directors took up that challenge and created the omnibus film TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS. Based on the same-titled short story collection, TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS delves into the surreal subconscious with ten madly imaginative, reality-subverting visions that range from wonderfully wacky to nightmarishly unsettling.

    Author Natsume Soseki`s likeness was featured on the Japanese ¥1,000 note.

    The ten episodes are directed by the legendary late filmmaker Kon Ichikawa (THE BURMESE HARP, THE INUGAMIS), who previously adapted Soseki Natsume`s Kokoro for film in 1955; the late Akio Jissoji (ULTRAMAN, TOKYO: THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS, RAMPO NOIR); horror maestro Takashi Shimizu (JU-ON, THE GRUDGE); Blue Ribbon Best Director Miwa Nishikawa (WILD BERRIES, SWAY); Nobuhiro Yamashita (LINDA LINDA LINDA); actor/director Matsuo Suzuki (OTAKUS IN LOVE, WELCOME TO THE QUIET ROOM); J-horror standbys Atsushi Shimizu (EKO EKO AZARAK, KAZUO UMEZU`S HORROR THEATER: THE WISH), Keisuke Toyoshima (TALES OF TERROR FROM TOKYO), and Yudai Yamaguchi (BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL, CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL); and the new directing team of FINAL FANTASY character designer Yoshitaka Amano (VAMPIRE HUNTER D) and gaming guru Masaaki Kawahara. Their bold interpretations, imaginative presentation and fantastic visuals actually solve the century old riddle and present their audience with the beautiful world of immortal fantasy as so keenly depicted in Natsume Soseki`s original masterpiece. "I had a dream like this..." – author Natsume Soseki (1908)

    International sales advertisement for TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS. Photo courtesy of Nikkatsu Corp. © 2006 TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS Film Partners

    FRAMING SEQUENCE Director: Atsushi Shimizu Starring: Erika Toda THE FIRST NIGHT Director: Akio Jissoji? Writer: Kuze Teruhiko Starring: Kyoko Koizumi, Matsuo Suzuki, and Minori Terada THE SECOND NIGHT Director: Kon Ichikawa? Writer: Kokuji Yanagi Starring: Tsuyoshi Ujiki and Nakamura Umenosuke THE THIRD NIGHT Director: Takashi Shimizu Staring: Keisuke Horibe and Yuu Kashii

    CUTIE HONEY`s Mikako Ichikawa stars in the segment THE FIFTH NIGHT. Photo courtesy of Cinema Epoch. © 2006 Ten Nights of Dreams Film Partners/2008 Cinema Epoch

    THE FOURTH NIGHT Director: Atsushi Shimizu Writer: Shinichi Inotsume Starring: Koji Yamamoto and Toru Shinagawa THE FIFTH NIGHT Director: Keisuke Toyoshima Writer: Keisuke Toyoshima Starring: Mikako Ichikawa and Koji Okura THE SIXTH NIGHT Director: Matsuo Suzuki Writer: Matsuo Suzuki Starring: Sadao Abe, Tozawa, and Yoshizumi Ishihara THE SEVENTH NIGHT Directors: Yoshitaka Amano and Masaaki Kawahara Starring: Sascha and Fumika Hideshima

    THE TENTH NIGHT features character designs by Battlefield Baseball artist Gataro Man. Photo courtesy of Cinema Epoch. © 2006 Ten Nights of Dreams Film Partners/2008 Cinema Epoch

    THE EIGHTH NIGHT Director: Nobuhiro Yamashita Writer: Kenichiro Nagao Starring: Hiroshi Fujioka and Hiroshi Yamamoto THE NINTH NIGHT Director: Miwa Nishikawa Writer: Miwa Nishikawa Starring: Tamaki Ogawa and Pierre Taki THE TENTH NIGHT Director: Yuudai Yamaguchi Writers: Yuudai Yamaguchi and Junya Kato Starring: Kenichi Matsuyama, Manami Honjo, Koji Ishizaka, and Yasuda Dai Circus TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival In October 2006, and Nikkatsu Corporation distributed the film to Japanese theaters in February 2007. The movie is now coming to America courtesy of Cinema Epoch, a Los Angeles-based international sales, production and distribution company founded by Gregory Hatanaka. TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS will have a one week theatrical run at the ImaginAsian Center in Los Angeles from August 22-28, with a premiere screening this Friday, August 22. The film will be introduced by Japanese film critic Nicholas Rucka, and there will be an after party following the evening show. The ImaginAsian Center is located at 251 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. Upcoming theatrical dates include: September 5-11, PORTLAND - Clinton St. Theater, 2522 SE Clinton St., Portland, OR 97202 September 19-25, SEATTLE - Grand Illusion Cinema, 1403 N.E. 50th Street, Seattle, WA 98105 On October 14, Cinema Epoch will release TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS on Region 1 DVD. The DVD will include the film in 1.66:1 widescreen, with Japanese audio and removable English subtitles. Special Features will include an essay by Nicholas Rucka. SRP $24.98.

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