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    New Anime DVDs from FUNimation

    Source: FUNimation Entertainment press release Special Thanks to Jackie Smith

    © 1999 Toei Animation Co., Ltd., Japan. © 2001 Eichiro Oda /Shueisha

    The following Region 1 DVD titles will be released over the next two weeks... ONE PIECE: SEASON TWO- THIRD VOYAGE September 29 SRP $49.98 Official Site: With Nami on the verge of death, Luffy`s crew abandons its voyage to Alabasta and goes looking for help. Their search leads them to frosty Drum Island, where the locals don`t roll out the red carpet for pirates, and the only doctor in town lives atop a treacherous, snow-covered mountain. In order to save their friend, Luffy and Sanji must survive an avalanche, duke it out with a man-eating herd of abominable rabbits, and defeat a foe who devours anything he can get his mouth on. Danger lurks around every corner on this treacherous mission, but the Straw Hats have more at stake than ever before. Uncut Episodes 79-91 Japanese Audio, English Audio English Subtitles Staff Commentary (Episode 90) Run Time: 320 Minutes Rating: TV-14

    © 2006 Sai Yukino, Kadokawashoten/ NHK, Sogovision

    THE STORY OF SAIUNKOKU: THE COMPLETE SEASON ONE October 6 $69.98 Official Site: Saiunkoku is a country with eight powerful houses governed by one emperor. However, the new leader Ryuki cares not for his new role and is rumored to spend his days chasing after noblemen in his court. Enter Shurei, a princess whose family has fallen upon hard times. Her dreams of becoming a government official are unattainable since she is a woman, but a twist of fate gives her the chance of a lifetime. If she agrees to become the emperor`s consort and turn him into a respectable ruler, she will be greatly rewarded... 39 Episodes Japanese Audio, English Audio English Subtitles Textless Opening and Ending Geneon Previews Run Time: 936 Minutes Rating: TV-13

    © 2007 Katsuo Hoshino/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Dentsu, TMS

    D.GRAY-MAN: SEASON TWO, PART ONE October 6 $59.98 Official Site: The battle between good and evil has a new cast of villains - the horrifying Clan of Noah. Summoned to Earth by the Millennium Earl, they are determined to recover the all-powerful Heart of Innocence and destroy all that is good. But young exorcist Allen Walker and his Black Order brethren will stop at nothing to halt the rising tide of darkness and preserve what little light remains in their world. Should his mission end in failure, humanity will lose more than just a hero - its soul will be devoured by demons of old. 13 Episodes Japanese Audio, English Audio English Subtitles Textless Songs Trailers Run Time: 286 Minutes Rating: TV-14

    © 2007 Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc./ Marvelous Interactive, Inc./ Majin Production Committee

    TOKYO MAJIN: THE COMPLETE SERIES October 13 $69.98 Official Site: Tokyo...the back alleys of Japan`s largest city are the site of the biggest supernatural rumble ever! A wave of mysterious deaths ripples throughout the city. Corpses of the un-dead, controlled by monstrous creatures, scour the urban underworld at the bidding of their dark master, seeking a power that could bring about the final apocalypse. With the police helpless in the face of these unnamable horrors, the fate of the world hangs on five unlikely saviors: the students of Tokyo Majin! Armed with their own incredible powers, this misfit band of coeds must battle an unholy swarm of evil beings; everything from Alchemists through Zombies. And just when they think it`s time to head back to study hall, the fires of hell ignite-- threatening to bring chaos and destruction to the streets of Tokyo. Forget about prom dresses and final exams, these unlikely saviors have the fate of the world resting on their shoulders. It`s a deadly war fought in shadows, and they`re completely outmatched except for one thing: they never learned when to say die! 26 Episodes 16:9 Japanese Audio, English 5.1 Dolby Audio English Subtitles Textless Songs Trailers Run Time: 650 Minutes Rating: TV-17

    © 2005 Shoji Gatou + Shikidouji/ Full Metal Panic Film Partners

    FULL METAL PANIC! THE SECOND RAID: THE COMPLETE SERIES October 13 $59.98 Official Site: It`s tough to keep your grades up without having to take off at a moment`s notice to save the world. But for Sousuke Sagara, undercover high school student and member of the mercenary group Mithril, life in Tokyo seemed the same as always. But underneath the promising exterior spin the wheels of a conspiracy that threaten to destroy the peace. A new threat has arisen: Amalgam. An unknown element with advanced mech technology, this mysterious organization has been running things from behind the scenes. As dissension spreads throughout the ranks of Mithril, Sousuke faces his own internal struggle. Spread thin between schoolwork and war, the powers that be have decided to lighten his load... beginning with Kaname! Life and death hang in the balance as the clash between good and evil scale new heights. When the smoke clears, Sousuke`s path will be the one that he forges for himself. 13 Episodes Bonus EPISODE 00 Bonus OVA: TESSA`S EVENTFUL DAY Japanese Audio, English Audio English Subtitles 7 Part Featurette: LOCATION SCOUTING IN HONG KONG Textless Songs Trailers Run Time: 450 Minutes Rating: TV-14

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