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    New FUNimation Anime DVDs for Late September

    Source: FUNimation Entertainment press release Special Thanks to Jackie Smith

    Slipcase art for NABARI: THE COMPLETE SERIES PART 1. © 2008 Yuhki Kamatani/Square Enix, Nabari Project.

    FUNimation has four new DVD collections of popular anime series scheduled for the last two weeks of September... NABARI: THE COMPLETE SERIES PART 1 September 22 SRP $59.98 In the shadows of this modern world, ninjas fight for control of an ancient technique which holds untold strength. This coveted power dwells within apathetic Miharu, a fact the guy really couldn`t care less about - until the clashing rival clans bring their battle to him. Now Miharu struggles to understand the mystery buried in his soul, and must choose a side if he hopes to survive. But when conflict is waged in secret, and lethal ninjas hide in plain sight, friend and foe prove difficult to tell apart. Episodes 1-13 Japanese Audio, English Audio, English Subtitles Episode 2 Commentary Textless Songs Trailers

    Slipcase art for BLACK LAGOON COMPLETE BOX SET. © 2006 Rei Hiroe, Shogakukan/ Black Lagoon Project.

    BLACK LAGOON COMPLETE BOX SET September 29 SRP $69.98 Rokuro Okajima is meek, mundane and metropolitan. His business trip to South East Asia turns from pleasure cruise to festival of pain when modern day pirates board the ship and take him hostage. Revy, Dutch and Benny are merciless, maniacal and mean. Together, they make up the crew of the PT boat, the Black Lagoon. They are the exact opposite of Rokuro in every way but one... A mercenary group targets the Black Lagoon to destroy them and the secret of Rokuro`s data disc containing classified information that threatens the peace and security of the entire world! Episodes 1-24 (Season 1 and Season 2) Japanese 2.0, English 2.0, English Subtitles Clean Opening and Closing Credits MELL Music Video English Production Documentary Interview with Director Sunao Katabuchi

    Cover art for BIG WINDUP! OOFURI, PART 2. © 2007 Asa Higuchi, Kodansha, Oofuri Project.

    BIG WINDUP! OOFURI, PART 2 September 29 SRP $59.98 Spring training is over, and it`s time for the real fun to start. Mihashi`s confidence got a huge boost from beating his old school, and now he`s more determined than ever to become his team`s ace. With Abe calling the pitches, the once shell-shocked hurler feels like he can strike out the world. But things won`t be easy for the Nishiura nine in the big summer tournament. They play the defending champs in the first round, and Mihashi comes down with a bad case of fastball envy when he bumps into Abe`s old pitcher. Playing for fun is fine, but now that the games count - it`s time to win! Episodes 14-26 Japanese 2.0, English 2.0, English Subtitles Textless Songs Trailers HEAT GUY J: COMPLETE SERIES BOX September 29 SRP $49.98

    Slipcase art for HEAT GUY J: COMPLETE SERIES BOX. © 2002 Satelight, TBS, Heatguy-J Project.

    The city of Judoh ain`t such a nice place to live. Deranged Mafioso Claire Leonelli rules the streets with an unpredictable brutality, and the police can`t do a damn thing to stop him. Their only hope is to find a hero - or two. Enter special agent Daisuke Aurora and a steam-powered punisher of punks known as Android J. They`re outgunned and outnumbered, but they`ll do whatever it takes to bring the bad guys to their knees. In a city where you don`t know who to trust, go with the guy who hits hardest of all - the legendary Heat Guy! Episodes 1-26 Japanese 2.0, English Subtitles Interview Trailers

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