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    Production I.G.`s New CG Anime ABUNAI SISTERS

    Japanese celebrities the Kano Sisters get animated in the new mini-series ABUNAI SISTERS - KOKO & MIKA. © Abunai Sisters Production Committee

    Source: Neu Bauhaus LLC press release Official Website: Abunai Sisters Special Thanks to Ai Aota ABUNAI SISTERS Story #1 video courtesy of Neu Bauhaus LLC. © Abunai Sisters Production Committee "The Kano Sisters are arguably Japan`s top female celebrities... They exude a self-confidence that is rare." -New York Times "On Japan`s celebrity circuit, there are no bigger cats than the Kano Sisters." -Time Magazine

    Japanese super celebrities the Kano Sisters launch a global brand with a new anime project from Pony Canyon. The sensational new anime mini-series ABUNAI (Dangerous) SISTERS - KOKO & MIKA will be released on DVD using a new direct-to-consumer retail program called “The Gathering System” which dictates the retail price based on the amount of overall orders. This advance-order-only marketing tool was implemented to accept pre-orders until the end of January in both Japan and the US. Film and music conglomerate Pony Canyon, top ranked Japanese broadcaster Fuji Television, and #1 animation studio Production I.G. (tapped by Quentin Tarantino for the animated sequences in KILL BILL VOL. 1) have joined forces to make the Kano Sisters into animated characters –building a new franchise for DVD release. The historic collaboration of these three entertainment giants was first announced at an international press conference at the Otakon Anime Convention in Maryland in August 2008. This past week, 30 seconds of ABUNAI footage was revealed to the Japanese Press. Original character illustrations for ABUNAI SISTERS were created by Susumu Matsushita, designer of the KIBA and MONKEY MAGIC television series, and cover artist for Famitsu magazine. Matsushita has also designed "Neppe", the mascot for the Japanese pro baseball team the Orix Buffalos.

    Bringing Matsushita`s character designs to life are the 3D Computer Graphic animation team at Production I.G. The studio has produced a number of acclaimed feature films, OVA, TV shows, and videogames. Known for the quality of their storytelling as well as their animation, titles like GHOST IN THE SHELL (No. 1, US Billboard Top Video Sales), have earned critical accolades not only in Japan, but around the world. GHOST IN THE SHELL 2: INNOCENCE, directed by Mamoru Oshii in 2004, was the first Japanese animation feature ever to compete for the Palme d`Or at the Festival de Cannes.


    Koko and Mika are actresses by profession: popular and setting out to charm men with their dynamic and sexy bodies. But wait! What are they really? They are, in fact, secret agents on a mission to discipline the wicked men of the world? Koko is a sure-shot markswoman, who`s number one with a bullet. Mika can defeat any evil-doer with her bare-fisted martial arts moves. At a first-class resort on a desert island, open only to world-class celebrities, the Abunai Sisters enjoy their first vacation in ages. Suddenly, a mysterious shadow creeps up on them, targeting the sisters’ enchanted jewelry, which brings eternal beauty….


    Three minutes per episode, 10 episodes on the DVD. English Language with optional Japanese subtitles. There are fresh and fashion-savvy action scenes which capture the fabulous and funky Kano sisters’ personality and likeness. It’s a new style of animation entertainment.

    DVD sales

    This is the first time ever that a title has been released simultaneously in Japan and the US utilyzing a made-to-order sales model. Pre-order: Ends at 1pm on 1/29/2009. Shipment: 3/5/2009 (Thu)


    Production: Pony Canyon, Fuji Television, Production I.G. Special Features -Meet the Sisters “Secret ABUNAI SISTERS release party” -Many value adding materials, including Action Figures, credit on the feature, exclusive numbering and more. -Bonus disc features behind-the-scenes footage, staff and talent interviews.

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