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    Roddenberry`s GENESIS II and PLANET EARTH on DVD

    Clip from GENESIS II. Video courtesy of Warner Bros. © 1973/Renewed © 2001 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

    Source: Warner Archive Collection Special Thanks to Gabriel Vicuna

    Two 1970’s TV pilots from STAR TREK creator Gene Roddenberry — GENESIS II and the follow-up PLANET EARTH— arrive on DVD for the first time ever on October 6, exclusively from the Warner Archive Collection. GENESIS II (1973) Director: John Llewellyn Moxey Cast: Alex Cord, Harvey Jason, Mariette Hartley, Percy Rodrigues, Ted Cassidy Genre: Fantasy Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screen Aspect: 4 X 3 Full Frame Run Time: 74 minutes Price: $19.95 “My name is Dylan Hunt. My story begins the day on which I died.” Gene Roddenberry brings fans another enthralling tale of the future. Set in a time between now and the era of the starship Enterprise, GENESIS II follows Hunt (Alex Cord), who awakes after 154 years of suspended animation into a post-apocalyptic world that’s torn between the peace-loving citizens of Pax and the militaristic, mutant Tyranians. Both want Hunt to join their cause. But the Tyranians have two cruel weapons to persuade Hunt: a device of torture called a stim. And an alluring mutant (Mariette Hartley) with two navels… and one ice-cold heart.

    PLANET EARTH (1974) Director: Marc Daniels Cast: Diana Muldaur, John Saxon Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Screen Aspect: 16 X 9 Run Time: 74 minutes Price: $19.95 Women rule. Men cower. Then one man rebels. The time: the 22nd century. The place: the Confederacy, a matriarchy where men are enslaved and impotent. The hero: Dylan Hunt (John Saxon), a handsome, vigorous 20th-century scientist awakened from suspended animation – just the “breeder” a Confederacy dominatrix (Diana Muldaur) has been waiting for! In this sequel to GENESIS II, Gene Roddenberry puts a reverse spin on women’s lib in an action-filled tale set in a gleaming world of futuristic cities, underground sub shuttles, palm-sized computers and skintight uniforms. Can Hunt defy the Confederacy and free his downtrodden fellow males, or is he doomed to slavery on PLANET EARTH?

    Ted Cassidy and John Saxon are on the auction block in PLANET EARTH. Video courtesy of Warner Bros. © 1974/Renewed © 2002 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

    The Warner Archive Collection DVDs of GENESIS II and PLANET EARTH can be ordered from the Warner Bros online store Warner Archive is also offering a GENESIS II and PLANET EARTH Value Pak of both DVDs for $29.95 (25% off the separate SRPs).

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