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    Sentai Filmworks Announces ANGEL BEATS! License

    Source: Sentai Filmworks press release Official Site: (Japan) Special Thanks to David Williams

    Sentai Filmworks has announced its acquisition of Japan’s white-hot anime series, ANGEL BEATS! (????????!, Enjeru B?tsu!, 2009). A multi-media mega-franchise with two manga volumes, a series of illustrated short stories, an OVA (original video animation) and two internet radio shows, each new volume of ANGEL BEATS! has consistently ranked in the top three nationwide bestselling Blu-ray releases in Japan. Now the series is coming to the U.S. on both DVD and Blu-ray. Both releases will include an all new English dub, with the first episodes of the dub set to premiere at Anime Boston, April 22-24 at the Hynes Convention Center. Synopsis: It sucks being dead. Sucks even more to be trapped in a surreal afterlife where you’re caught between the living and the dead— where a mysterious, violent Angel is trying to pull you over to… somewhere. What do you do? Well, if you’re this group of rough-and-tumble teens, you grab every weapon you can get your hands on and give Heaven hell! High-caliber action and locked-and-loaded comedy meet on a rock and roll battleground in ANGEL BEATS!

    About Sentai Filmworks

    Sentai Filmworks is one of the fastest-growing anime companies in North America, including hit series like CLANNAD, GINTAMA, EYESHIELD 21 and hit movies like APPLESEED. Sentai Filmworks programs can be found on home video distributed by Ingram Entertainment, Baker & Taylor, Section23 Films, The Right Stuff and other good and fine distributors. Digital product offerings may be found at iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Zune Marketplace, Anime Network, Playstation Network and YouTube.

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