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    SRS Cinema Acquires Korea's First Animated Film A STORY OF HONG GIL-DONG!

    Image courtesy of SRS Cinema. ©Se Ki Corporation

    Source: SRS Cinema LLC
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    SRS Cinema is proud to announce the acquisition of South Korea’s first ever animated feature, A STORY OF HONG GIL-DONG (홍길동,Hong Gil-Dong, 1967). Directed by  Shin Dong-Hun, the film is adapted from a comic strip that was based on an ancient story of a Korean hero.

    A special boy is born on a day where hurricanes and wicked spirits struck medieval Korea. The citizens and family learn that the infant has superhuman strength and cunning intelligence. As the boy grows up, he vows to his family, the emperor of Korea and the high deities to rid Korea of chaos and disorder caused by wicked beings.

    A special Blu-ray release will be coming later in 2023, and a DVD/Digital release in 2024. 

    67 mins
    Korean with English Subtitles

    SRS Cinema made history earlier this year when they released South Korea’s first ever feature length kaiju movie, SPACE MONSTER WANGMAGWI. This previously lost feature, epic in scale and fun monster destruction, is available on exclusive Blu-ray on their site, with a DVD and VOD release coming this summer. SRS has become a leading name in the industry for releasing rare and undiscovered monster movies from around the world.

    Image courtesy of SRS Cinema. ©Se Ki Corporation

    Image courtesy of SRS Cinema. ©Se Ki Corporation

    Image courtesy of SRS Cinema. ©Se Ki Corporation


    About SRS Cinema LLC

    SRS Cinema LLC is among the leaders in ultra low budget indie film distribution, having evolved to it’s current form from it’s roots as “Salt City Home Video” in 1992. They have handled rights to over 300 movies domestically and worldwide. SRS Cinema now distributes DVD exclusively through MVD, while their Sub Rosa branch handles limited special edition VHS releases.

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