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    SRS Cinema Licenses Japanese Indie Horror WELL SHARK

    The practical spfx micro-budget supernatural indie found footage horror film WELL SHARK is coming to Blu-ray and DVD in North America. ©2023 ALBATROS CO,.LTD.


    Source: SRS Cinema LLC
    Special Thanks to Avery Guerra


    Key art is by Stefan Motmas. Photo courtesy of SRS Cinema. ©2023 ALBATROS CO,.LTD.

    SRS Cinema has licensed WELL SHARK (イド・シャーク, Ido Shāku) for release in North America. Directed, written and produced by Taichirou Natsume, the film is a practical spfx micro-budget supernatural indie found footage horror.


    Psychic Investigation Big Summer, a group which looks into psychic phenomena and the occult, received a video said to have been filmed at a haunted place. The video shows a couple of YouTubers who were filming a deserted old well when they encountered a strange phenomenon: the woman was attacked by a shark-like monster. Psychic Investigation Big Summer begins an investigation search for the missing woman and get to the bottom of the situation.

    Big Summer attempts to start their investigation of the wel but they are blocked by local villagers. Big Summer's Natsume manages to get close to the well but is attacked by a monster and possessed.

    Big Summer's Nishikawa and Momoka talk to psychic and occult experts. They learn that, in the village, the well was worshipped as a god that required sacrifices. Those who were under the curse of the well were told that if they chanted a certain incantation in front of the well, the curse would be dissolved...

    Details are being finalized, but SRS Cinema is expected to soon announce preorders for Blu-ray and VHS Special Editions for early 2024, with a wide release DVD edition to follow later next year. The home video editions will also include Taichiro Natsumi's 9 minute short film SHARK OF THE DEAD (2023),  a prequel of LOVE SHARK (2023).

    The key art is by Stefan Motmas.

    Running Time: 63 mins.

    Production Format: Full HD 1920 x 1080 16:9

    Country of Origin: Japan



    Chihiro Nishikawa: Herself

    Momoka Asahi: Herself

    Honey Trap Umeki: Masaki

    Maya Mineo: Kana

    Takeshi Nakazawa: Himself

    The Shark: Himself

    Yamayu: Himself

    Hiroshima-Freddy: Himself

    Black Story Kuro: Himself

    Issei Kunisawa: Himself

    Yacchi: Himself

    chara: Himself

    Daiki Mizuno: Himself



    Special Effects: Sueo Sugimoto (chara)

    Music: flatman.

    Costumes: Yumino

    Special Thanks: Nekononamayasai, Yacchi, Chiharu, Scotchkun, Mokana, Shichigatsu, Hiroshi, Ginro, Myouzi namae, Mimama, Myuraringo, Rinako, Goro

    Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Taichirou Natsume


    ©2023 ALBATROS CO,.LTD.


    About SRS Cinema LLC

    SRS Cinema LLC is among the leaders in ultra low budget indie film distribution, having evolved to it’s current form from it’s roots as “Salt City Home Video” in 1992. They have handled rights to over 300 movies domestically and worldwide. SRS Cinema now distributes DVD exclusively through MVD, while their Sub Rosa branch handles limited special edition VHS releases.

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