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    Available For The First Time In North America,  Highly Anticipated 7-disc Dvd Collection To Be Made Available Directly To Fans On September 6, 2022 From Shout! Factory
    Source: Shout! Factory press release
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    The Super Sentai franchise, spanning 46 different series and concepts, had been going strong in Japan for many years. 

    Shout! Factory, in collaboration with eOne, is proud to present a special Super Sentai collection, CHIKYUU SENTAI FIVEMAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES, available directly to fans beginning September 6. This highly collectible 7-DVD collection contains all thrilling 48 episodes presented in Japanese with English subtitles. A must-have for enthusiasts and collectors to complete their pop culture library, SUPER SENTAI: CHIKYUU SENTAI FIVEMAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES is available for pre-order now from


    SUPER SENTAI: CHIKYUU SENTAI FIVEMAN (地球戦隊ファイブマン, Chikyū Sentai Faibuman) premiered in Japan in 1990 and was the fourteenth installment of the Super Sentai metaseries.

    Twenty years after their planet was attacked by the brutal Zone Empire, the five Hoshikawa children, who escaped and were raised on Earth, must prepare for a brand-new war. This time, though, they’re ready… having developed the powerful Fiveman technology that will help them defend Earth from the same empire that conquered their home world.





    TOEI COMPANY, LTD. has enjoyed support from a diverse fan base since its founding in 1951 and striven to provide various entertainment through the production of movies, TV shows, animation, and other home entertainment products, with diversified applications of these contents. TOEI also produces these contents at both production studios in Tokyo and Kyoto together with post-production facility, TOEI DIGITAL CENTER in Tokyo. With its affiliate, TOEI ANIMATION OIZUMI STUDIO, TOEI engages in the development of character-based businesses and events. Also, T-JOY CO., LTD., cinema complex operator by TOEI, continues to distribute a lot of movies for theatrical release to meet the diversification of movie entertainment. For more information, please visit to the webpage of TOEI COMPANY, LTD. (

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