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    THE BRAVE ARCHER Rescheduled

    New Release Date for Tokyo Shock DVD Source: Media Blasters, Inc. Special Thanks to Richard York We received the following message from Richard York of Media Blasters concerning the company`s upcoming Tokyo Shock Region 1 DVD of the Shaw Brothers` martial arts classic THE BRAVE ARCHER (She diao ying xiong chuan, 1977)...

    Cover art for Media Blasters` upcoming DVD of THE BRAVE ARCHER. Photo courtesy of Media Blasters. © 1977 Shaw Bros.

    As you may have noticed, THE BRAVE ARCHER did not come out in December 2008 as originally announced. We encountered some technical snafus that delayed the release. We`ve since remedied those problems and we`re rescheduling the release for April. Right now, the date is set for 4/7/2009 and so far there are no apparent reasons for it to be delayed any further. We apologize for the delay but we`re confident that you`ll be pleased with the results. With that said, here`s what you can expect: Running Time: Approximately 121 minutes 2.35:1 Anamorphic (and progressive) English Mono and newly created 5.1 Mandarin Mono with English Subtitles English Subtitles: Brand new translation! Audio Commentary with Asian Film and Pop Culture Critic Brian Camp Extensive Image Gallery provided by Brian Dyer and Celestial Pictures Shaw Brothers Trailers Right now the next Shaw title we`ll be releasing is MARTIAL CLUB, which is tentatively scheduled for March. Thanks for your patience and support! THE BRAVE ARCHER was the first in a four film series produced by the popular Shaw Brothers studio in Hong Kong. It was adapted from Legend of The Eagle-Shooting Hero, one of the most beloved stories written by Jin Yong and considered one of the most important in modern Chinese literature. The film was first released in the United States by distributor World Northal as KUNG FU WARLORDS. The remaining movies in the series were THE BRAVE ARCHER PART II (She diao ying xiong chuan xu ji, US title KUNG FU WARLORDS 2; 1978), THE BRAVE ARCHER PART III (She diao ying xiong chuan san ji, US title BLAST OF THE IRON PALM, 1981), and THE BRAVE ARCHER AND HIS MATE (Shen diao xia lu, aka MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, 1982). The movie stars Alexander Fu Sheng as hero Guo Jing and Tanny Tian as Huang Rong in adventures before their planned marriage. Alexander Fu, who was a rising star and beloved actor of THE BRAVE ARCHER director Chang Che at the time, was tragically killed in a car crash aged 29. This film captured his amazing star quality before his untimely death.

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