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    Source: Mill Creek Entertainment Official Site: Special Thanks to Barrett Evans Mill Creek Entertainment's transaction-based streaming service movieSPREE is pleased to announce the availability of the ULTRAMAN GINGA + ULTRAMAN GINGA S set to purchase and stream exclusively in high-definition on movieSPREE’s website and apps, ahead of the release on Blu-ray! This Ultra collection contains the complete series of ULTRAMAN GINGA (ウルトラマンギンガ, Urutoraman Ginga, 2013) and ULTRAMAN GINGA S (ウルトラマンギンガS, Urutoraman Ginga S, 2014) along with the theatrical feature ULTRAMAN GINGA S THE MOVIE: SHOWDOWN! THE 10 ULTRA WARRIORS! (劇場版 ウルトラマンギンガS 決戦! ウルトラ10勇士!!, Gekijō-ban Urutoraman Ginga S Kessen! Urutora 10 Yuushi!!, 2015) as well as the bonus miniseries ULTRA FIGHT VICTORY (ウルトラファイトオーブ 親子の力、おかりします!, Urutorafaito Ōbu Oyako no Chikara, Okari Shimasu!, 2015) in one Ultra-impressive collection for only $39.99! Purchase and add to your movieSPREE library at Ultraman Ginga/Ginga S + Ultra Fight Victory - Series & Movie – movieSPREE. Be sure to check out movieSPREE's Ultraman series and movie library at

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    Mill Creek Entertainment is the home entertainment industry’s leading independent studio for Blu-ray, DVD, and digital distribution. With direct sales pipelines to all primary retail and online partners, Mill Creek Entertainment licenses, produces, markets and distributes a dynamic array of film and television content to over 30,000 retail stores and thousands of websites reaching millions of customers across North America. Mill Creek Entertainment’s expansive library includes Oscar®-winning theatrical feature films, Emmy®-winning classic and current TV series, original documentary productions and pop-culture favorites that enlighten, educate and entertain. Mill Creek Entertainment also owns and operates movieSPREE, an on-demand transactional streaming service offering movie bundles, complete TV series and premium entertainment options with apps available on Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV, Android and iOS. Mill Creek Entertainment is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information, please visit or

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    movieSPREE is a new streaming alternative service from Mill Creek Entertainment, the home entertainment industry’s leading independent studio, giving movie buffs and cord-cutters an exciting new destination to build a digital library. With apps now available on Roku, Apple TV / iOS, Amazon Fire TV, and Android devices, movieSPREE is available without long-term contracts, subscription fees or advertisements. movieSPREE has a robust assortment of bingeworthy film and TV bundles, genre-based collections and specially curated compilations. For more information, please visit or <br clear=all /

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