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    Win GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA Blu-ray Box From Arrow Video US and MVD Entertainment!

    GAMERA VS. VIRAS is one of eight films in the GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA Blu-ray box From Arrow Video. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa. © KADOKAWA

    Source: Arrow Video US, MVD Entertainment Group press release
    Special Thanks to Clint Weiler

    Slipcase cover art by Matt Frank. Photo courtesy of Arrow Films. © KADOKAWA

    Arrow Video US and MVD Entertainment are offering SciFi Japan readers a chance to win the deluxe Blu-ray set GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA. The four disc collection includes the first eight movies in the series: GAMERA THE GIANT MONSTER (大怪獣ガメラ, Daikaijū Gamera, 1965), GAMERA VS. BARUGON (大怪獣決闘 ガメラ対バルゴン, Daikaijū Kettō: Gamera Tai Barugon 1966), GAMERA VS. GYAOS (大怪獣空中戦 ガメラ対ギャオス, Daikaijuu Kūchū-sen Gamera Tai Gyaosu, 1967), GAMERA VS. VIRAS (ガメラ対宇宙怪獣バイラス, Gamera Tai Uchū Kaijū Bairasu, 1968), GAMERA VS. GUIRON (ガメラ対大悪獣ギロン, Gamera Tai Daiwarujū Giron, 1969), GAMERA VS. JIGER (ガメラ対大魔獣ジャイガー, Gamera Tai Daimajū Jaigā, 1970), GAMERA VS. ZIGRA (ガメラ対深海怪獣ジグラ, Gamera Tai Shinkai Kaijū Jigura, 1971) and GAMERA SUPER MONSTER (宇宙怪獣ガメラ, Uchū Kaijū Gamera, 1980).

    GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA includes High Definition (1080p) transfers of all eight movies, Japanese and English audio tracks, alternate US versions, newly recorded audio commentaries, Japanese and American trailers, image galleries, and much more. The disc cases come with reversible sleeves featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matt Frank.

    GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA will be released January 26, 2021 by Arrow Video US. The suggested retail price is $99.95.


    A. There are two (2) prizes, each consisting of one (1) GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA Blu-ray set.
    B. The prizes will be shipped to the contest winners so entrants must include a valid mailing address. This contest is only open to participants in the United States and Canada.
    C. In the event that a winner chooses not to (or cannot) accept a prize, he or she forfeits all claim to that prize.
    D. One entry per person. Prizes are non-transferable. No substitution of prizes allowed.

    Duration of contests:
    A. The “GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA” contest runs from January 19 until 11:59pm on February 4, 2021.

    How to enter:
    A. Submit your name, email address, and mailing address for the random drawing.
    B. Be sure to write “GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA” in the subject header of your email entry. SciFi Japan often runs multiple contests at the same time, so any entries without “GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA” in the subject header will be discarded.

    Determination of winners:
    A. Only contestants who have submitted the requested information will be entered in the final drawing. The first two randomly drawn eligible entries will be judged the winners for this contest.
    B. SciFi Japan is not responsible for typographical, electronic or other errors in Internet operation affecting the offering, outcome, administration of the contest or the announcement of prizes. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
    C. The decision of Arrow Video US and SciFi Japan is final. Entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of the SciFi Japan judges, which are final and binding in all respects.
    D. Following the drawing, winners will be notified via email.


    Email the following info to “GAMERA: THE SHOWA ERA” at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and you’re in the contest. Good luck!

    Email address:
    Mailing Address:

    Gamera battles Monster X on Wester Island in GAMERA VS. JIGER. Photo courtesy of Kadokawa. © KADOKAWA

    About Arrow Films

    Arrow Films is a leading independent entertainment distribution company, established in 1991. Operating in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, United States of America and Canada, Arrow Films is dedicated to supporting upcoming and established filmmakers of dynamic new cinema and developing an enviable slate of quality films that enjoy a lasting legacy across its award-winning branded labels, channels, and platforms.

    About MVD Entertainment Group

    MVD Entertainment Group is a full service music and movie distribution firm, exclusively representing thousands of audio and visual products for DVD, Bluray, CD, vinyl, and digital rights, worldwide. MVD also exclusively distributes a growing line of merchandise including limited edition collectibles, tee shirts, and more.

    “Serving Artists and Audiences” is MVD’s purpose statement; it represents a commitment to the interests of the musicians, filmmakers, record labels, producers, managers, and every link in the supply chain. The customers are the Audience, from wholesalers, sub-distributors, major retail chains, online retailers, specialists, and independent mom and pop stores, all the way to the consumer.

    MVD Entertainment Group was founded in 1986 by Tom Seaman, an industry veteran with prior experience with The Record Hunter, Sam Goody, CBS Retail, and JEM Distribution. Tom, along with his family Elinor, Eve and Ed, initially focused on music videotapes.

    At the turn of the century, with the advent of DVD, MVD built a large catalog of exclusively distributed audiovisual content on DVD’s, with special strength in music concert films, horror movies, documentaries, comedy, cult classics, and much more.

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