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    10:46 PM
    March 19, 2006 10:46 PM
    UC Berkeley Offers Class on Japanese Monster Cinema Author: Bob Johnson Dustin Winslow and Matt Horwitz, student instructors for KAIJU CINEMA: AN INTRODUCTION TO JAPANESE GIANT MONSTER MOVIES. It was a cold and rainy night as I made my way to the UC Berkeley Campus to give a talk on Japanese superheroes. Who would have thought [...]
    04:11 PM
    March 17, 2006 04:11 PM
    NEGADON: THE MONSTER FROM MARS goes back to school! Central Park Media presents a free preview screening of the new CG kaiju film next week at Ithaca College. Photo courtesy of Central Park Media. © 2005 Jun Awazu/CoMix Wave Source: Central Park Media, CoMix Wave Official US Site: Negadon Attacks Official Japanese Site (in English): Wakusei Daikaiju Negadon New press release: For [...]

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