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    Free Screening of SANJURO (2007) in NYC

    RSVP for Free Tickets to East Coast Premiere Source: New York-Tokyo press release

    On October 15th, the media company New York-Tokyo is hosting a free screening of the 2007 remake of Akira Kurosawa`s classic SANJURO (Tsubaki Sanjuro). The film will be shown at the ImaginAsian Theater in New York City. For complete details, please see the following press release from New York-Tokyo...


    EAST COAST PREMIERE * FREE SCREENING Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 Doors Open 6:15pm, Screening starts 7:00pm The ImaginAsian: 239 East 59th Street, NYC RSVP to Japan | 2007 | 119 min. | Japanese with English subtitles This is a remake of Akira Kurosawa and Toshiro Mifune`s SANJURO (1962). Originally, SANJURO was the first title ever in the motion picture history of Japan. This remake was planned and realized from the masterworks of director Kurosawa. "This is a dream and this is a challenge! Of what today`s Japanese filmmakers can do in return to a favor for our seniors" the executive producer of this recast, Haruki Kadokawa, who acquired the rights to this film SANJURO, as well as to another Kurosawa title YOJIMBO, proudly proclaimed when he made an announcement of this project. To helm this challenging remake, one of the most acclaimed Japanese directors of today, Yoshimitsu Morita (LOST PARADISE, THE FAMILY GAME, KITCHEN) was appointed. "I always wanted to revive SANJURO and make a film about him with today`s actors and actresses in Japan." he said. The producer and director could not find anybody more suitable than Yuji Oda (BAYSIDE SHAKEDOWN, WHITEOUT) for the role of Sanjuro in their edition. Now with all new filmmakers, cast, and crew set in place, the entertainment Samurai action, based on the original script written by the legendary trio, Akira Kurosawa, Ryuzo Kikushima and Hideo Oguni, for the 1962 Kurosawa version, SANJURO is back on the big screen.


    During the 1868 War of the Restoration, there is a group of nine young revolutionary samurai at a run-down shrine, weary of the corruption within their clan, plotting to clean up the wrongdoings under Majordomo Kurofoi. In comes Sanjuro, an unshaven, unwashed, one-sword, masterless samurai. Upon the ransacking of the shrine, he is offered a passionate request for his cooperation with the revolutionaries. Can Sanjuro come to the rescue call of these nine inspired visionaries? Even when his arch nemesis arrives, under the Kurofoi banner? Just about 150 years ago in old Japan, during the period with the glimpsing dawn of the 1868 War of the Restoration, one night, a group of nine young revolutionary samurai at a run-down shrine, weary of the corruption rampant in their clan, plotting to clean up the wrongdoing, particularly of Under Majordomo Kurofuji. They had sent up a position document to the Chief Retainer, Mutsuda, an uncle of one of the young samurai, Isaka, however, Mutsuda had dismissed their claim on site, by tearing up the document. Disappointed, Isaka had solicited the aid of Chief Inspector Kikui, who had agreed readily and called for a meeting with the high-souled youngsters. They gathered together with high hope.

    Overhearing the conversation, from a backroom of the abandoned shrine, entered Sanjuro - unshaven, unwashed, one-sword master-less samurai, accusing Kikui was not their savior rather he might be their most dreadful enemy. The youngsters contested to the vulgar mysterious samurai. He noticed something was wrong outside. The shrine, and the group, was surrounded by the troop sent by Kikui, to keep down the rebel. Sanjuro commanded the youngsters to hide and let him out alone in front of the troop that was about to move in to make arrest. With his quick and strong swordplay, he beat up the troop, ending up facing a sharp-eyed samurai, the troop commander Muroto. He called off the attack and gave Sanjuro an offer to join them for a good pay. Sanjuro shrugged it off. Back in the shrine, the young samurai offered an apology and asked Sanjuro for cooperation. Could not stand just watching, he accepted their wish. Heading back to Mutsuda’s mansion, Sanjuro and the nine youngsters found that the Chief Retainer had been kidnapped and his wife and daughter were penned up. Sanjuro saved the wife and daughter, and they, in addition, took captive of an enermy samurai on guard. Sanjuro and the group took Mutsuda’s wife, daughter and the captive to a house that one of the nine youngster’s family owned, which happened to be right next to a mansion owned by Under Majordomo Kurofuji, an ally of Kikui. With his fast-moving sword and incisive wit, Sanjuro threw himself behind the enemy line to rescue the confined Chief Retainer Mutsuda and, braving danger, to bring the dark deep of Under-Majordomo Kurofuji to light. In the enemy territory, however, there stood in his way, the sharp-eyed, hard-bitten nemesis, Muroto.

    About New York-Tokyo

    Started in 2001, NEW YORK – TOKYO (NYT) is a NYC - based event media production and marketing communications company that is uniquely positioned to tap into the creative cultural vibe between New York and Tokyo, media capitals of the world. Past NYT Events include the New York – Tokyo Anime Festival 2001, which was started with the Sci Fi channel as the world’s first anime premiere film festival, the New York – Tokyo Music Festival 2002, which set the strong NYT brand, bringing Japanese and US music worlds together in NYC, the New York – Tokyo Film Festival 2003, which premiered 15 newest films by current Japan’s talented younger directors, and Tokyo Robotics 2003 & 2004, which introduced a futuristic lifestyle featuring personal robots, and eNerGy 2004, which challenged the triple content of the premiere (anime, game, and j-pop) filling 913 seat theater. With three keywords of “hybrid” and “future”, NYT is currently holding monthly GNG (Gamers Nite Groove), MDS (Monthly Director Series), and the annual New York – Tokyo Music Festival, in addition to numerous client collaboration projects, including personal robots, street fashion, sports, design, and the arts. Our marketing strength is that we are strongly connected to the NY young press and creative community, as well as having a powerful reach into the next generation consumers.

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