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    GODZILLA History of Formative Arts 1954-2016 Back in Stores This June

    Source:  PIE International, Diamond Comics Distributors

    The incredible billingual (Japanese and English) book  GODZILLA History of Formative Arts 1954-2016 was first published in 2021. For those who missed it the first time out, Diamond Comics Distributors has relisted the book for a June 14 release in comic shops and bookstores nationwide.

    To find a Diamond affilitate store near you visit Additional bookstore locations in North America, Asia, and Europe can also be found here.


    Photo courtesy of PIE International. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. ©2021 Kishikawa Edit Office, Ltd./ PIE International

    GODZILLA History of Formative Arts 1954-2016

    The ultimate book of Godzilla showcasing a massive archive of rare material and stunningly beautifully design.

    From its first cinematic release as GODZILLA in 1954 to its latest incarnation as SHIN GODZILLA in 2016, this book offers a massive collection of rare, never-before-seen still photos from the movies and behind-the-scenes studio snapshots in chronological order (excluding the Hollywood series).

    Bilingual explanatory text is included in each chapter to guide readers in understanding the history of Godzilla episode by episode. Sophisticated design by the designers of many of PIE International’s Japanese art books (including Wagashi, Hell in Japanese Art and others) makes this book not only gorgeous but also the ultimate must-have collector’s item for hardcore Godzilla fans.

    Author Osamu Kishikawa is a Japanese editor and visual image researcher who designed and composed a book on ULTRASEVEN for adults in 1978, and has since produced numerous books on films and TV shows, both in Japan and abroad. These include Studio Ghibli (all works), NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, and GHOST IN THE SHELL. As for foreign works, he has written many books on STAR TREK.

    Author: Osamu Kishikawa
    Publisher: PIE International
    ISBN: 978-4-7562-5431-3
    Softcover: 528 Pages (Full Color)
    Product Size: 8.3 × 11.7’ / 210 × 297 mm
    Release Date: December 7, 2021
    Price: $99.00 (US)

    All Photos courtesy of PIE International. TM & ©TOHO CO., LTD. ©2021 Kishikawa Edit Office, Ltd./ PIE International


     About PIE International

    “PIE,” which stands for Pretty, Impressive, Entertaining, was launched by Shingo Miyoshi, Chairman, as his own publishing brand specializing in visual books in 1985. Before he started PIE, Miyoshi was active as a graphic designer, and, through his work, had gathered together various graphic works such as advertisements from around the world to use as reference materials for his own designs. Looking over these materials one day, he thought, “These materials look too good to be used just for my own reference; it seems a shame that other graphic designers don’t have access to this collection, too. I should find a way to share them. If I were to edit and publish these graphic works as a book, the book would definitely help more graphic designers in their own design assignments.” It was based on this initial idea that Miyoshi started his publishing business.

    Essential to this idea is the fact that commercial graphic works are ephemeral, usually only being displayed for a short period of time to a limited number of people. But published in book form, these works could be shared with more people; they would not be lost or go to waste, which would allow more people to discover the creators as well as their works. This basic idea, the desire to support creators and share their works, is still the fundamental motivation of PIE to continue publishing books.




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