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    GODZILLA MINUS ONE Wins Academy Award For Best Visual Effects - Update With Comments and Photos From Takashi Yamazaki, Toho and the Academy of Motion Pictures!

     The GODZILLA MINUS ONE VFX team of Masaki Takahashi, Takashi Yamazaki, Kiyoko Shibuya and Tatsuji Nojima accept the Oscar® for Visual Effects during the live ABC telecast of the 96th Oscars at the Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood on Sunday, March 10, 2024. Photo credit Richard Harbaugh / Phul McCarten. ©A.M.P.A.S. All rights reserved.

    Source: Toho Co., Ltd press release, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
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    The GODZILLA MINUS ONE VFX film with their Oscars. Photo courtesy of Toho International. ©A.M.P.A.S. All rights reserved. Godzilla TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.

    On Sunday, March 10, GODZILLA MINUS ONE (ゴジラ-1.0, ゴジラマイナスワン, Gojira Mainasu Wan)  won the Oscar for best visual effects at the 2024 Academy Awards. SciFi Japan is pleased to share information and photos from Toho and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on this historic win...



    GODZILLA MINUS ONE won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects, the first win for any Godzilla film andfirst Japanese Language film to rack up a win in the VFX category.

    Takashi Yamazaki wrote, directed and oversaw the film's visual effects.  To date the film has grossed over $50 Million at the box office, making it the highest grossing Japanese Live Action or Japanese Animated film ever released in the United States. The film is currently the #5 Highest Grossing Non-English Language film in US box office history. 

     Masaki Takahashi, Takashi Yamazaki, Kiyoko Shibuya and Tatsuji Nojima accept the Oscar for Visual Effects during the live ABC telecast of the 96th Oscars. Photo credit Richard Harbaugh / Phul McCarten. ©A.M.P.A.S. All rights reserved.


    GODZILLA MINUS ONE: Takashi Yamazaki, Kiyoko Shibuya, Masaki Takahashi and Tatsuji Nojima

    TAKASHI YAMAZAKI: On television 40 years ago, after the shock of seeing STAR WARS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND to someone so far from Hollywood, even the possibility standing on this stage seemed out of reach.

    At the moment we are nominated, we felt like Rocky Balboa, welcomed as equals by our biggest rivals, which was already a miracle. But shall we stand.

    So all the biggest artists outside of Hollywood -- this is proof that everyone has a chance.

    Finally, on behalf of the cast and crew of GODZILLA MINUS ONE, I want to tell our producer, Shuji Abe, who we lost too soon: We did it!

    Thank you so much.


    BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW: Takashi Yamazaki

    Asked how this win could impact the Japanese film industry,  Takashi Yamazaki replied, "It feels very surreal right now.  I still can't process what's -- what happens -- happening around us.  But I do believe that perhaps the success of GODZILLA MINUS ONE will open up a new opportunity for a lot of Japanese filmmakers.  I think it's important because Japan is such a small country that we need international box office and revenue to be able to sustain the industry.  So this should be the start of something -- something bigger I hope for the industry as a whole."

    Godzillas and Oscars. ©A.M.P.A.S. All rights reserved.

    Studios have traditionally used an Oscar win to boost a film's theatrical or home video release. But GODZILLA MINUS ONE is no longer playing in American theaters or available yet on home video or streaming to make way for GODZILLA X KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE. Yamazaki stated that, "I understand there is a strategy or a plan for home video release in Japan right now [GODZILLA MINUS ONE will be available on home video in Japan on May 1st.].  So hopefully the rest of the world is not too long after to follow.  With regards to Legendary and Warner Bros. as I understand it, that's a Toho matter.  But despite that, they did their best to extend our theatrical run as long as physically possible.  So we're very grateful for that.  Having said that, of course, if GODZILLA MINUS ONE was still in theaters right now that would be amazing for all the viewer out there.  But I don't want to hope for too much.  I'm already holding an Oscar right now so --"

    Regarding the design of Godzilla in the film, Yamazaki explained that, "We looked at a lot of different Godzillas throughout the year and as a team, we wanted to get the essence of what we thought represented most accurately what Godzilla is about.  And Godzilla, if you trace back to its origins, it's a symbol of terror and war and nuclear power.  So I wanted to make sure that when audiences saw Godzilla that fear would be instilled upon them."

     Tatsuji Nojima, Takashi Yamazaki, Kiyoko Shibuya and Masaki Takahashi pose backstage with the Oscar for Visual Effects. Photo credit Al Seib. ©A.M.P.A.S. All rights reserved. Godzilla TM & © TOHO CO., LTD.

    About Toho Co. Ltd.

    Toho Company provides high-quality entertainment to a wide range of customers through its film production, distribution, and exhibition business, which is solidly supported by its real estate business including the Shinjuku Toho Building and Hibiya Chante, animation production, DVD software production and sales, and TOHO Cinemas' efforts to expand its network of multiplex cinemas. Among these, "Godzilla," which has been around since 1954, is Toho's flagship IP that has many fans around the world and has been loved for many years.


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    Toho International, Inc., the Japanese studio’s U.S.-based subsidiary, has brought classic Godzilla, with 70 years of storytelling and monster mayhem, brand awareness and excitement to audiences around the world through a comprehensive licensing program spanning toys & collectibles, gaming, apparel, accessories, publishing, seasonal, housewares, food & beverage, and many more categories. With over 25 live-action films, numerous animated films and series, and more action-packed new content to come, Toho has captured the love and attention of Godzilla fans from all across the globe. Always-on content accessible across multiple streaming platforms has put Godzilla and other Toho monsters at the forefront of consumers' minds as the franchise gears up for an exciting next generation of storytelling and fandom.


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