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    GODZILLA SINGULAR POINT Godzilla Amphibia Figure From Bandai

    Photo courtesy of Bandai. TM&©TOHO CO., LTD.

    Source: Bandai Co., Ltd.

    This month, Bandai will release the "Movie Monster Series" soft vinyl figure of Godzilla Amphibia from the Netflix original anime series GODZILLA SINGULAR POINT (ゴジラ S.P <シンギュラポイント>, Gojira S.P < Shingyura Pointo >). The show debuted in Japan on March 25 with a worldwide release on Netflix scheduled for this June.

    Movie Monster Series: Godzilla Amphibia -GODZILLA S.P-/ ムービーモンスターシリーズ ゴジラアンフィビア-ゴジラS.P-

    Manufacturer: Bandai
    Item No.: 4549660477082000
    Product Size: Length Approximately 35cm (13.8 Inches)
    Material: PVC
    Release Date: May 15, 2021 (Japan)
    Price: ¥ 2,200 (Approximately $ 20.20 US)

    About Bandai Co., Ltd.

    “Dreams and Creation”

    Since its founding in 1950, Bandai has been committed to promoting diverse forms of entertainment to customers worldwide. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Bandai creates toys with the hope of encouraging users of all ages to be inspired and dream boundlessly. Products which focus on various television and animation characters promote the company philosophy “to provide timeless entertainment through endless creativity.”

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