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    Godzilla Triple Feature on Sony Movie Channel this Friday

    Two Toho Movies and Sony`s GODZILLA Remake Airing in HD this June Source: Sony Movie Channel The June 2015 schedule for the HD Sony Movie Channel includes three Godzilla movies. The films will air throughout the month with a triple feature the evening of Friday, June 12, and are also available for viewing anytime from Sony Movie Channel Video On Demand.


    Friday, June 12 10.20 pm E | 7.20 pm P Friday, June 12 4.25 am E | 1.25 am P Thursday, June 18 3.50 pm E | 12.50 pm P Sunday, June 21 12.50 pm E | 9.50 am P Thursday, June 25 9.50 am E | 6.50 am P Saturday, June 27 2.15 pm E | 11.15 am P Nearly three years after Godzilla was driven away by Biollante, a giant UFO soars over Tokyo. Is there a link? Runtime: 100 Minutes Cast Kosuke Toyohara Anna Nakagawa Megumi Odaka Kenpachiro Satsuma Crew Director: Kazuki Ohmori Writer: Kazuki Ohmori Composer: Akira Ifukube Executive Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka Producer: Shogo Tomiyama


    Friday, June 12 12.10 am E | 9.10 pm P Saturday, June 13 6.10 am E | 3.10 am P Thursday, June 18 5.40 pm E | 2.40 pm P Sunday, June 21 2.40 pm E | 11.40 am P Thursday, June 25 11.40 am E | 8.40 am P Saturday, June 27 4.05 pm E | 1.05 pm P Godzilla is back! But he must battle Mechagodzilla, a giant metal robot that is Japan`s greatest hope for ending Godzilla`s reign of terror. This is the `90s, high-tech version! Runtime: 105 Minutes Cast Masahiro Takashima Ryoko Sano Megumi Odaka Kenpachiro Satsuma "Hurricane Ryu" Hariken Crew Director: Takao Okawara Composer: Akira Ifukube Executive Producer: Tomoyuki Tanaka Producer: Shogo Tomiyama Writer: Wataru Mimura

    GODZILLA (1998)

    Friday, June 12 8.00 pm E | 5.00 pm P Friday, June 12 2.05 am E | 11.05 pm P Thursday, June 18 7.35 pm E | 4.35 pm P Sunday, June 21 4.35 pm E | 1.35 pm P Saturday, June 27 6.00 pm E | 3.00 pm P An enormous beast goes on a worldwide destructive rampage and is headed toward New York City. Runtime: 139 Minutes Cast Matthew Broderick Jean Reno Maria Pitillo Hank Azaria Doug Savant Harry Shearer Crew Director: Roland Emmerich Producer: Dean Devlin Production Designer: Oliver Scholl Screenplay: Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich Art Director: Robert Woodruff Casting Directors: David Bloch, April Webster Cinematographer: Ueli Steiger Co-Executive Producers: Robert Fried, Cary Woods Co-Producers: Kelly Horn, Peter Winther Composer: David Arnold Special Effects: Gary Bierend, Robert DeVine, Richie Douglas, Mark Hawker, Scott MacLachlan, Thomas Rasada, Gintar Repecka, Ron Rosegard, Keith Suzuki, Craig Uszak, Mike Van Arkel, Kenneth Van Order, Mark Yuricich

    About Sony Movie Channel

    Sony Movie Channel is the first U.S. multi-platform television network from Sony Pictures Television created specifically for the Hollywood movie fan. Offering uncut, uncensored theatrical releases in stunning high definition, Sony Movie Channel showcases titles from Sony Pictures` vast library including award-winning features, cult favorites, family comedies and gripping dramas. Programming is selected from more than 3,500 Sony Pictures films, which collectively have received 184 Academy Awards including 12 for Best Picture. Sony Movie Channel is available on DISH Network, DIRECTV and AT&T U-Verse TV on linear as well as on authenticated VOD and online platforms.

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