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    Enjoy Godzilla, Ultraman and More at KAIJU BROOKLYN 2 Event in New York, May 31-June 1, 2024!

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    Photo courtesy of Kaiju Brooklyn.

    BrooklynONE Productions and Robo7 proudly announce the return of the colossal KAIJU BROOKLYN 2 event, set to captivate audiences at Industry City on June 1st, 2024. Following the immense success of the inaugural KAIJU BROOKLYN, this year's installment promises even more monstrous thrills, excitement and live entertainment. KAIJU BROOKLYN 2, a unique collaboration between two visionary production companies, is set to take the audience on an unforgettable journey into the world of Japanese giant monsters, superheroes and robots. Industry City, a dynamic and expansive venue, will provide the perfect backdrop for this epic spectacle, offering attendees an immersive experience like never before.




    BROOKLYN NY 11232


    FRIDAY 5/31



    Join us at Sake distillery Brooklyn Kura for the Ultraman themed VIP kick off party! Located in courtyard 5/6 of Industry City, it will feature a DJ and drink specials. Cosplayers are welcome! VIP package also includes access to both screenings, early access to the con, swag bag and more! It culminates in a screening of MEGA MONSTER BATTLE ULTRA GALAXY: THE MOVIE in the courtyard at 8pm! Special Panel before the screening featuring Starlight Runner CEO Jeff Gomez, discussing all things to come with Ultraman!


    SATURDAY 6/1




    The main convention returns to the Tom Kane theater with 20+ vendors, artists and cosplayers. We are also holding a wide variety of panels throughout Industry City! It all ends with a screening of RETURN OF GODZILLA in courtyard 5/6 at 8pm! Not only that but in Buildings 3/4 in the courtyard of Japan Village is the ROBO7 HOUSE OF ULTRAMAN! Adorned with artwork and playing continuous Ultraman content throughout the day!

    8PM: SCREENING OF GODZILLA 84 Courtyard 5/6

    Join us for a very special 40th Anniversary screening of THE RETURN OF GODZILLA on the big screen! Bring your favorite lawn chair or blanket and watch this classic hard to find film under the stars. (This is the japanese version with subtitles) Preceded by a special “70 YEARS OF GODZILLA” panel on the stage before the screening by author and kaiju historian Kevin Derendof.



    Photo courtesy of Kaiju Brooklyn.


    1.Vendor Room: The main feature of our convention is the vendor room filled with Kaiju toy dealers and artists. We bring you some of the hottest creatives in the Kaiju fandom and get them all in one room for the fans to meet one on one. On top of that our toy vendors bring all of the latest toys imported from Japan.


    2.Monstrous Screenings: Witness awe-inspiring battles between gigantic superheroes and rampaging monsters! Friday night features a screening of MEGA MONSTER BATTLE ULTRA GALAXY: THE MOVIE and Saturday night is a special 40th anniversary screening of GODZILLA 1984.


    3.Live Entertainment: Enjoy a diverse range of live performances, including musical acts and panels designed to complement the thrilling KAIJU BROOKLYN experience!


    4.Interactive Experiences: Immerse yourself in the KAIJU BROOKLYN 2 universe with photo opportunities and the chance to meet the creative minds behind the monstrous magic.


    Photo courtesy of Kaiju Brooklyn.

    5.Culinary Delights: Indulge in a variety of delicious food and beverage options, ranging from local favorites to unique Kaiju-inspired treats throughout Industry City.


    6.Family-Friendly Fun: KAIJU BROOKLYN 2 is a family-friendly event, welcoming fans of all ages to experience the magic of this yearly event.


    This year we are teaming up with Japan Village, Brooklyn Kura, Barrows intense ginger, Tsuburaya Productions, Mill Creek Entertainment, the frying pan, Big aLICe brewery, Book-Off, Gun Hill brewery and more to bring you the biggest celebration of all things Japanese giant monsters in New York City!

    Tickets for KAIJU BROOKLYN 2 are available for purchase on the official event website, Early bird specials and VIP packages are also offered for those looking to enhance their Kaiju experience.

    BrooklynONE Productions and Robo7 are excited to bring this unparalleled event to the heart of Brooklyn and invite media representatives, influencers, and the community to join us in celebrating the magic of KAIJU BROOKLYN 2.


    Photo courtesy of Kaiju Brooklyn.

    Photo courtesy of Kaiju Brooklyn.


    Photo courtesy of Kaiju Brooklyn.

    Photo courtesy of Kaiju Brooklyn.


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