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    Iku Kasahara (Nana Eikura) battles oppressive censorship in LIBRARY WARS. Photo courtesy of TBS. ©

    An Action-Packed Science-Fiction War Movie of the Near Future Source: TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) Official Movie Site: (Japan) Special Thanks to Eriko Miura and Yuhka Matoi

    ‘With our own hands, we will preserve freedom...’ Their battle for books and the freedom to know begins now. On April 27, 2013, Toho released the live action feature film LIBRARY WARS (?????, Toshokan Senso). The movie is based on the Library War young-adult fiction by best-selling novelist Hiro Arikawa, previously adapted as an anime series in 2008 and the animated film LIBRARY WAR: THE WINGS OF REVOLUTION (????? ??????, Toshokan Senso Kakumei no Tsubasa) in 2012. LIBRARY WARS is now being offered for international distribution by TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). TBS has kindly provided the following English text as well as photos and artwork for the movie... Production Notes Library War is the first novel in a series that has sold 2.8 million copies since its first release in 2006. Conjuring a unique fictional world of highly individual characters, the top entertainment SF epic that has drawn massive popularity in Japan to author Hiro Arikawa is a motion picture at last. Directing is Shinsuke Sato, who in films like GANTZ (??, Gantsu, 2011) and SANDS` CHRONICLE (???, Sunadokei, 2008) has given the world smash hits in a wide range of genres, from romance to fast-paced action. With finely detailed portraits of the characters’ subtleties and the cooperation of Japan’s land, sea, and air Self-Defense Forces in the creation of epic-scale battle scenes and as a model for the Library Corps in its defense of ‘books’ and ‘the freedom to know’, the film promises viewers a truly riveting movie experience. Directed by Shinsuke Sato, who also works on TV dramas, games and CG animations as well as movies, LIBRARY WARS is a classic entertainment for all ages with SF action and love comedy. This film stars Junichi Okada (SP series, TENCHI: THE SAMURAI ASTRONOMER) and Nana Eikura (APRIL BRIDE, LIFE BACK THEN, THE FLOATING CASTLE).

    Asako Shibasaki, played by BATTLE ROYALE and KILL BILL actress, Chiaki Kuriyama. Photo courtesy of TBS. ©

    Story In 2019, public anger at media excess has led to censorship of television, newspapers, the internet, books, movies, and music under the ‘Media Betterment Act’. To fight the armed ‘Betterment Squads’ that go around destroying objectionable materials, the nation’s libraries have formed their own para-military ‘Library Defense’. Iku Kasahara (Nana Eikura) is a new recruit to the corps, where her instructor and squad leader is Atsushi Dojo (Junichi Okada). At first repelled by his by-the-book approach to leadership, she is gradually won over by his commitment to their battle for ‘books’ and ‘the freedom to know.’ Credits

    Japanese theatrical poster. Image courtesy of TBS. ©

    Japan Theatrical Release: April 27, 2013 Running Time: 128 Minutes Starring Atsushi Dojo: Junichi Okada Iku Kasahara: Nana Eikura Asako Shibasaki: Chiaki Kuriyama Mikihisa Komaki: Kei Tanaka Satoshi Tezuka: Sota Fukushi Gen Nishina: Koji Ishizaka Kenji Takeyama: Kazuma Suzuki Maki Origuchi: Naomi Nishida Ryusuke Genda: Jun Hashimoto Staff Director: Shinsuke Sato Screenplay: Akiko Nogi Original Story: Library War by Hiro Arikawa (Kadokawa Shoten) Cinematography: Taro Kawazu Original Music: Yu Takami Production Company: Sedic International Production: "Library Wars" Movie Project (Kadokawa Shoten Publishing, Sedic International, Toho) Distribution: Toho International Sales: TBS

    Satoshi Tezuka (KAMEN RIDER FOURZE`s Sota Fukushi) and Iku Kasahara. Photo courtesy of TBS. ©

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