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    Love Me, Love Me Not Anime Film

    ???????????????????????? Animation eiga Omoi omoware furi furare Release Date May 29, 2020 Running Time TBD Genre Animation Color Color Screening Format - [ Directed by ] KUROYANAGI Toshimasa [ Produced by ] [ Cast ] SHIMAZAKI Nobunaga SAITO Soma HAN Megumi SUZUKI Marika [ Staff ] SAKISAKA Io ?? Original Story YOSHIDA Erika ?? Screenplay NOMI Yuji ?? Music [ Production Company ] [ Distributor (Japan) ] TOHO [ Story ] Yuna, a wide-eyed dreamer who is nervous about romance, Akari, who, typical of the modern generation, approaches romance realistically, Rio, who is Akari`syounger brother and is popular with girls, and Kazuomi, a "good guy" who is Yuna`schildhood friend, are all classmates at the same high school. Yuna, who is in love with a handsome prince in a picture book, meets Rio, who is the spitting image of the prince, and falls in love with him. However, unbeknown to the others, Akariand Rio are actually unrelated by blood. Rio has feelings towards Akari, but Akaripretends not to notice. Kazuomihas feelings for Akari, but, conscious of Rio`s feelings for her, decides not to act on them. All four are at the mercy of their various family circumstances, and have suppressed their true selves, not even thinking about their future careers and ambitions. However, when the shy and retiring Yuna decides to reveal her feelings, the tangled web of love and desire which binds them all reveals itself. All four suffer torment, angst, and depression as they tell each other how they feel, and just as they are dealing with that, they are faced with the problem of parental divorce. A moving tale of how Yuna, Akari, Rio, and Kazuomiface their romantic feelings, fall into conflict, and finally encourage each other to live strong into the future. [ Contact (International) ] TOHO CO., LTD. ????? ? ??????????? ????? ?????????????? ????????????? ????????? ?????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????? ? (C) 2020 ????? ????????????????????? (C) ???????? ??? ? 2020?5?29? ???? ? ????????????? ????? ? ???? ? ??????????? ?????????????????????????????????? ????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????2014??15???????????????????????????????????????????????????????2020???2????????????????????????????????500???????????????????????????????????????????W?????????????????????????? ?????????????? ????????????????????? ????????????-???????????-??A-1 Pictures???????????(?21???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????W???????“??”??????????????????????????????????????4??????????????????????????????????????????“??”?????????????????????????????? ??????? ????? -???????????????????- ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????“??”????????????????…????????????????????????????????---?

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